Chinese New Year at a glance

Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals for the Chinese community. This is a fifteen day event that ends with the well-known Lantern festival. Held as per the Chinese traditional astrological calendar, the year is marked by symbolic significance of a creature. Chinese New Year 2011 is here as the Xin-Mao Year or the ‘Year of Rabbits’. The festival is celebrated with its traditional color of red.

Chinese New Year festivity:
Chinese New Year celebrations bring out the cultural richness of the community. Special festive recipes, masked parades and traditional dance forms are a part of the New Year celebrations. During the festival, people take part in various religious activities too. They visit temples and monasteries and pay respect to the ancestors.

Dragon dances, lion dances and colorful Lantern Festival are the highlights of the festival. During this time of the year, people clean their house and surroundings to summon luck and success and keep away evil. They also participate in activities such as family get-togethers, exchange of gifts and partying with near and dear ones.

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