Children’s Day in India

Bal Diwas
Children’s Day in India

Children’s Day in India is all about cherishing our kids & having fun. Find useful Children’s Day activities to try with your children.
What is Children’s Day?
Children’s Day is also known as “Bal Diwas” in India. It is celebrated on 14th November, the birth date of Jawaharlal Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of India. As he was immensely fond of children he was also addressed as Chacha Nehru.
It was his wish to celebrate his birthday as Children’s Day. Hence, after his demise to pay tribute to him 14th November is being celebrated as Children’s Day.

How to Celebrate Children’s Day
Schools also organise, many cultural programmes and events for children.Many government departments, corporate institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) announce various schemes and many competitions and events for the children are organised. Special television and radio programmes are aired for children on this day. For children, this is a day of joy, fun and frolic celebration of childhood.Children’s film festivals are also organized on this day.

About Chacha Nehru

Children's Day
About Chacha Nehru

Born: 14 November 1889, Allahabad
Died: 27 May 1964, New Delhi
Parents: Motilal Nehru, Swaruprani Thussu
Spouse: Kamala Nehru (m. 1916–1936)

Children’s Day Celebration Ideas

Happy Children's Day
Children’s Day Celebration Ideas

Adorable Gifts:
You can buy toys and story books for your kids to celebrate and enjoy this occasion. Such gifts not only provide fun but also help you harness your child’s thinking power. By gifting books, you’ll actually inculcate the habit of reading in your child. Chocolate gifts can also be offered to kids on Children’s Day.

Children’s Day Celebration Ideas
Adorable Gifts

Picnics or Educational Trips:
Take your kids out for a picnic or an educational trip to a museum or a science

Musuem and science can actually provide fun at the same time help in educating your child about things he should know.
A picnic at an exciting location or a day out at an amusement park will provide your child with fun and frolic and help refresh his mind from the daily stress he may be going through.

Visit a Theater:
Take your kids out for a children’s movie and make this occasion a memorable one for them. Alternatively, you can play a movie or two at your home itself and spend quality time with your kids to make them loved and treasured.

Amid the fun, parties, and excitement on Children’s Day, let’s not forget the message spread by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He always wanted kids to get educated, prosper, and help their nation grow. So, it is important to provide children with a loving and caring environment and help them follow by the standards set by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

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