Celebration of Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday, 2011

Just like every year Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The three day celebration involves several activities. Men and women, read the holy Guru Grant Sahib from two days before the birthday. The scripture reading takes place without any interruption and is also called as Akhand Path. The holy process is carried out at the nearby Gurudwara.

Another main activity carried out as a part of the birthday celebration is the procession, which takes place a day before the birthday of the tenth Guru. The procession is led by the Panj Pyares of the Khalsa. The procession also carries dancers, musicians, and the martial art performers called the gatka team. On the main day however, hymns or Asa di Var’s are sung. There are prayer services, musical groups singing hymns and food services as a part of the whole day Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday celebration.

Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday 2011 falls on Wednesday and is a grand event. This day is also observed to remember the preaching of this great leader who fought for the rights of his people and gave away his life for the same.

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