Celebrating Chinese New Year – The Year of Rabbit

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year is here with a big bang. The festival commences from the 3rd of February this year, 2011. Also known by the name of Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, this is one of the most important festive events for the Chinese community. The festival starts with several traditional activities like cleaning of home and surroundings, decorations with red color décor items and family gatherings. People visit temples and monasteries and pay respect to their god and ancestors before starting their year. The fifteen day long festive celebrations are worth being a part of.

Celebrating Chinese New Year:

Year 2011 is the ‘Year of Rabbits’ or Xin-Mao Year as per the Chinese astrological calendar. Chinese New Year has all the ingredients to be one of the most favorite festivals for the community. From traditional activities such as spectacular dragon dance performances, lion dances and lantern parades to grand feasts, the festival has it all. Territories and countries such as Malaysia, Mainland China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines celebrate this fifteen day long festival with great enthusiasm.

Chinese New Year celebration is more about its traditional activities like, exchanging gifts, giving money to children on New Year day, feasts on New Year eve. Other events like firework shows, horse racing competitions, flower markets, fairs and New Year parades are the main attractions of this festival. Traditional recipes like Niangao, Jiaozi Dumplins, Fagao, Yusheng are savored during the fifteen day celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Welcoming the New Year:

People wait for the first ring of the bell that announces the Chinese New Year. They gather at the nearby squares, where a huge sized bell is hung. As the time approaches the bell is rung followed by firework shows and cheer from the people gathered there. Bai Nian or New Year greetings are exchanged after the clock strikes midnight.

Chinese New Year is a grand event that lasts till the Lantern Festival. It is one of the best festivals to be a part of.

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