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गर्मी आते ही ज्यूस, शेक की याद दिलाती है। गर्मी में तरह-तरह के ज्युस मिलते है। ज्युस अगर हम घर पर ही बनाऐ तो कितना मजा आ जाए? …

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May 3, 2020
Encouraging Quotes Cards

Encouragement quotes on the time of crisis

Many philosophers and deep thinkers have observed that every crisis has a silver lining. Here are some quotes to inspire you to not just survive the current crisis but to use it …

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April 15, 2020
Positive quotes in hope

Messages of Hope during corona virus pandemic

1. गजब का वायरस है कोरोना.. पहले क्या कम दूरियां थी लोगों के बीच.. जो और बढ़ा दी!! 2.दुनियाँ के लिए आप एक व्यक्ति हैं। लेकिन परिवार के …

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April 12, 2020
Saying Stay-at-home in Asian Languages

How to Say Stay home in Different languages

Looking for ways to say stay at home  in Different languages? Check out our list. Saying Stay-at-home in European Languages Albanian- Qendro ne shtepi Basque- etxean egon Belarusian-дамасед …

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March 26, 2020
List for saying keep safe

How to Say KEEP SAFE in Different Languages?

Looking for ways to say KEEP SAFE in other languages? Check out our list for saying KEEP SAFE in different languages. Saying KEEP SAFE in European Languages Albanian – mbajtur …

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March 25, 2020

A Simple Hug

There us something in a simple huh, that always warms the  Heart; It welcomes us back home and make it easier to part

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March 5, 2013