Capricorn Birthday Horoscope

Birthday Horoscope
Capricorn Birthday Horoscope

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Tenth Zodiac sign…called the mountain goat…are known as the Capricorns. People who’s Birthday fall between 21st December to19th January fall under this category. These Capricorns seemingly have no objectives and no fire. But if their determination is anything to go by, one would know, how Capricorns find their way to the top. They take failures lightly and deal with it prudently, which is what keeps them going. Modest and Dependable as they are and the positive attitude, which they carry, makes them boomingly humble. But their stubbornness and their efforts to be a perfectionist can at times wind somebody up.
To know more about a Capricorn, their and their problems, read on..
Traits of a Capricorn person
Never settling for anything except the best, the Capricorns are born sticklers. Failures make them stronger and they strive for a better performance until they are at the summit of perfection.

Capricorns are not experimental by nature. They prefer to follow the ‘same old path’ and dislike changes.

Sense of Humor:
This is the best possible quality of the Capricorns. They take troubles and breakdowns as learning experiences and move ahead as enlightened individuals. They have in them the courage to keep on smiling even when they are in the tightest spot.

Never giving up in their failures and always struggling for their success, the Capricorns have an unwavering attitude. Nothing can make these people bend. They are the rulers of their own life.

Their sense of practicability always work in their favor. A Capricorn’s practical attitude makes them see a better side of life.

Know your Capricorn
Problem 1:
Unfinished projects forever.

Capricorns have a habit of keeping too much at hand. Making many plans and executing all them simultaneously can create a lot of stress as well as poor quality of work. This can lead to incomplete projects. Capricorns need to slow down and consider prioritizing their work.

Problem 2:
Disappointing attitude.

Chances are that a Capricorn may be a bit thick at times; which might upset the others. And this may make them run away from the Capricorns because of latter’s outlook. Capricorn should try analyzing as to where are they making the mistake, which might help them fight this problem.

Problem 3:
Manipulated by people.

Capricorns need to be a little careful in choosing their friends. Those around them who would take advantage of a Capricorn’s kindness can very easily deceive them.

Problem 4:
Indifferent colleagues.

Although Capricorns lead well; their colleagues might feel a little stifling. This is because of a Capricorn’s domineering nature. Capricorns should try and make enough space for their co-workers.

Lucky Stone:
Garnet. This stone brings Capricorns fame, love and respect.

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