Cancer Birthday Horoscopes

Cancerian Birthday
Happy Birthday Dear Cancerian

The Crab is the birthday sign of Cancer, which is the fourth zodiac sign. The phase in which the sun stays at this sign is 22nd June to 23rd July. They are the people who are like a coconut, very tough outside but equally soft inside. Cancer birthday horoscopes suggest that people under this zodiac sign are very aggressive and are extremely emotional. One word that can aptly define their nature is unpredictable. That’s what they are. High prone to mood swings is another personality trait of the Cancerians. It is very hard to match up with their changing mood patterns.For instance, at times you will find them in a very good mood or in a party mood and at times you will find them in a serious mood.It is quite difficult to understand them and this characteristic will help you in identifying a Cancerian. Are you interested in knowing more about them; then just have a look at what we are offering you.

Horoscopes of Birthdays
As per the birthday horoscopes of Cancerians, these people generally love to spend quality time with their family and loved ones. They are very lovable and never hesitate to go out of their way to help those, who are close to them. They never run behind money and fame. They know it very well how to handle the limelight and publicity. Sky is the limit for them, they are the dreamers. They are very prone to melancholic mood too. If they decide to retreat to their shell, they become completely unreachable, and you won’t be able to find any trace of them. Don’t ever give a harsh glance or an angry look to them as it can easily break their soft hearts. When these people feel hurt they cry out their heart.

Strengths of Cancer
The main strengths of a Cancerian include his adaptable nature to all types of situation, his deep attachment with the family and his honest and loyal nature. They are empathetic too. They are so strong that they do not share their innermost secrets to anyone. Strong instinct and perception power and compassion are the other key features that gel very well with the profile of the people born under this zodiac sign. They are very determined and will never give anything that they cherish. It showcases their possessive nature. They are very kind and helpful.

Weaknesses of Cancer
As said earlier, these people are very emotional and this feature is one of their biggest weaknesses. Moody, indecisive and highly sensitive are the other characteristics that can be described as the weaknesses of a Cancerian. They seem pretty strong and tough but are very sensitive as even a slightest of emotion will make them cry like an ocean. They are manipulative and would refrain from spending much. Sometimes, they also feel jealous because of the achievement of someone who is close to them. They are not the optimistic ones and sometimes they get over sensitive, which leads to excessive mental stress and pressure.

Personality Traits of Cancerians
They possess a vivid imagination. They learn from the experiences of life that affects them the most. They are the true patriots. They have a fascination for ancient antiques and relics.

Lucky Colors of Cancerians : Silver Grey, White, Cream and Green

Lucky Flowers of Cancerians : Daisies

Lucky Day of Cancerians : Monday

Lucky Stone of Cancerians : Moonstone

Ruling Planet of Cancerians : The Moon

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