Canada Day

Celebrated on July 1stevery year, Canada Day marks the Anniversary of confederation, when Canada became a separate nation from British empire.Originally known as Dominion Day till 1982, since July 1st1983, it was officially named as Canada Day.
1st of July is a statutory holiday in Canada if it doesn’t fall on Sunday. In case it is moved to 2nd of July. All Government administrations in Canada observes this day. Many business organizations, businesses and shops remain closed this day. Post offices are closed too. As this day falls on summer holiday period of the Canadian calender, all schools remain closed as well. However tourists can have fun on this day, as most tourist destinations remain opened.
One can find a flurry of activities and celebrations on Canada Day. The municipal government organizes varieties of outdoor events which can start from pan cake breakfast and go on to include concerts, parades, cultural activities, carnivals, barbeques and festivals. Fireworks display make a large part of the festival. The mood that prevails is essentially of the patriotic fervor. National flags fly high everywhere around the cities and towns. Lots of people and children dress themselves in red and white, and paint their faces with the same, the national colors of Canada. In the city of Ottawa, the capital of Canada especially, the celebrations are more exuberant.
In Quebec however, the celebration of Canada day is not as fervent as in other parts of the country. Here, the day is observed as “moving day”. Though government schools, banks and offices remain closed, this date is historically known for the end of lease agreement. People in this part of the province observe Canada day by moving their belongings from one house to another. Altogether Canada is a bright, fun-filled day.
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