Business Anniversary Gift Ideas

Business anniversary gifts are an ideal way to thank those employees who’ve helped to keep your business running for years. With these gifts, you’ll show appreciation for your employees’ contributions, and boost their morale so that they perform even better.

Business anniversary gifts are an ideal way to thank those employees who’ve helped to keep your business running for years. With these gifts, you’ll show appreciation for your employees’ contributions, and boost their morale so that they perform even better. Business anniversary gifts can also be offered to your clients, to express your gratitude for their choosing your services and products time and again.

Business Anniversary Gift Ideas
If you’re stumped on what kinds of gifts to get for your employees and clients, then look no further than our list of great business gift ideas.

Health gifts:

Business Anniversary Gift Ideas
Health gifts

Since your employees put in long hours at the office, you may want to get them some items to help boost their health and well-being. Some yoga DVDs and/or books on physical office exercises can make lovely business anniversary gifts. Alternatively, you could get your employees free memberships at health spas or gyms, so that they can stay healthy both in mind and body.

Office supply gift baskets:

Engraved pens high-quality notepads
Office supply gift baskets

Another option is to get a gift basket featuring stationery and office supplies for your employees or clients. Such baskets are usually made up of things like engraved pens, high-quality notepads, and crystal cardholders. You can make this gift basket even more enticing by including customized business cards made especially for the recipient.

Desk accessories:

Paper Weight
Desk accessories

One interesting gift for your employees and clients can be a set of desk accessories, like a leather desk set that comes with paper trays and file folders. Other desk accessories appropriate for business anniversary gifts are business card holders, pen sets, or paperweights. Go for ones made out of fine materials, like mahogany or rosewood for cardholders and crystal for paperweights. For that extra touch, see if you can have the recipient’s name or your company logo engraved on the item.

A box of sweet treats:

Chocolate Box
A box of sweet treats

A classic gift that never fails is a box full of scrumptious cookies, brownies, chocolates, or muffins. These work best if they are packaged in a cute box wrapped with colorful paper and ribbons. It’s hard to think of a more perfect way to show your employees and clients how thoughtful and grateful you are!

Gourmet gift baskets:

Gourmet gift baskets
Gourmet gift baskets

A gourmet gift basket is one of the best business anniversary gifts you can offer to your employees and clients. Such a basket will often have food items like crackers, sliced sausage, cheeses, wafer cookies, dark chocolates, and almond toffee. Gourmet gift baskets sometimes also have a wine bottle (with glasses included), a cheese knife, and some nice cutlery.



You might decide to order branded wristwatches for your business anniversary gifts. What’s special about these gifts is that they will last for a long time. If you have your company logo inscribed on the watch, it’s sure to send the right message to all of your business partners!

Travel bags and accessories:

Travel accessories
Travel bags and accessories

A travel bag is a practical gift that your employees or clients will certainly appreciate. Look for one that is just ideal for accommodating all of their belongings when they are on a trip. Travel wallets can also be a wonderful business gift, as they come with enough space for anyone to organize their passports, currency, and travel documents. Other travel accessories you can get for your employees are suitcases, blankets, and digital travel clocks.

Spa gift baskets:

Body lotion
Spa gift baskets

This unique gift is sure to delight your employees, who will find it refreshing after a hectic day’s work. Spa baskets usually have items like imported mineral water, body lotion, body butter, bathing salts, loofahs, and shower gel. In addition, these baskets can contain CDs with soothing and relaxing music. Such a gift is sure to bring smiles to your employees’ faces!

Wine and accessories:

Wine Bottle
Wine and accessories

A bottle of high-quality wine is one of the most popular business anniversary gifts, and for good reason. To go along with the bottle, you can get some beautifully cut crystal wine glasses to show off the wine’s rich colors. It’s also not hard to get these personalized with your company logo, especially if you buy them online. You might also decide to add a few lines expressing your appreciation for the person’s contributions towards the growth of your business.

Coffee mugs:

Ceramic mugs
Coffee mugs

An elegant or funny coffee mug can be a great personal gift for your employees and clients. Ceramic mugs are available online in many colors and designs, and can be customized with your company logo and a special message to express your thanks to the gift recipients.

Scented candles:

Cnadles to decorate home
Scented candles

A collection of scented candles may not be the most expensive gift, but it can certainly be used to show appreciation for all your employees have done for you. These are available in a wide variety of colors, scents, and shapes, so you’re sure to be able to find just the right set to fit your needs.

Leather products:
Your employees and clients would probably love to receive leather gifts showing how thoughtful you are. Get them some leather bookmarks, photo albums, or even mouse pads as interesting business anniversary gifts.

When you set out to choose business anniversary gifts, go for the ones that will make your employees and clients feel that they are special to work with. Your employees and clients deserve to know how much you value them, so get them some tokens of your appreciation on your business anniversary to show them that you really care.

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