Boys Birthday Invitation Wording

 Birthday Invitation Cards
Join us for music, fun great food to eat.

The birth of a baby boy is always a special moment for the parents and needs to be celebrated in a special way. Make the event special with a personal touch and boy’s birthday invitation wording suggestions.

We will celebrate the birthday
out in the sun
with food, music and magic,
It will be fun.
We invite you to our son’s birthday party!

It’s (name of the celebrator)’s first birthday party. Let’s make it the best one.

Would he be a footballer or a spaceman? We don’t know yet but it is his birthday. So, let’s celebrate!

You’re invited to celebrate the first birthday of our son, (name of the celebrator).

Birthday Invitation card
Join us for music, fun, great food to eat.

Save the date
as you are invited
to (name of the celebrator)’s fifth birthday.

It’s time for celebration as (name of the celebrator) is turning ten. Please join us for the birthday bash.

We are organizing a pirate themed party on our son’s birthday. There will be a treasure hunt and day long fun events. Everyone aboard!

We are boarding a spaceship on (name of the celebrator)’s birthday. You are invited to join us for a trip to the outer space.

Birthday cards
Cake and food so appetizing …

Step-by-step he is growing up to become the little man in the house. Please be with us as we celebrate his birthday on (date).

Please come with your golf clubs as we celebrate the birthday of our little golfer.

Let’s swing, jump and play
it’s (name of the celebrator)’s seventh birthday

Burgers and hotdogs,
baseball and soccer,
all day long,
Hope you’ll come along
to (name of the celebrator)’s birthday!

Birthday party cards
You are invited to join my Birthday party

Please join us for an evening full of fun as we celebrate (name of the celebrator)’s fifth birthday.

All day long
we will play
because it’s time
to celebrate
(name of the celebrator)’s birthday!

We invite you for a movie night and sleep-over party to celebrate (name of the celebrator)’s seventh birthday.

One little candle
on the birthday cake
Here’s my first birthday
to celebrate.
Please come
and make me happy!

Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas
Birthday Invitation Wording

Food, fun, dance and splash
(name of the celebrator)’s having a birthday bash!

Here is something to celebrate
(name of the celebrator) is turning eight!

This birthday is
going to be fun
Our slugger is
turning one!

Hope you’ll come to celebrate junior’s birthday.

Boys Birthday Party Invitation Wording
It’s my birthday and time to celebrate

Here’s calling all the superheroes
(name of the celebrator) is turning seven.
Please come and celebrate
(date) is the date.

It was only yesterday that he started walking with small steps. Our son will be celebrating his second birthday on (date). We cordially invite you to the party.

Please help us make (name of the celebrator)’s third birthday a special one. Join us for a fun filled evening.

Take out your party hats
You’re invited to celebrate
(name of the celebrator)’s sixth birthday!

Lion, elephant, giraffe and seals will all be there to celebrate (name of the celebrator)’s birthday on (date). You are invited to the zoo-themed party.

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