Boss Day-A Salute to Your Boss at Workplace

Boss Day
Happy Boss day

Boss day is also known by the names of National Boss Day, Boss’ Day or Bosses Day. This day is celebrated on 16th October and is a secular holiday. This day has turned into an international celebration in recent years. Countries such as Australia, Ireland, UK, India and South Africa celebrate this occasion.

National Boss Day was registered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in the year 1958. Patricia Bays Haroski holds the credit for this. While she was working as a secretary at Illinois, she forgot birthday of her boss, who was her father. His birthday was actually on 16th Oct. After four years, in the year 1962, Otto Kerner, the Governor of Illinois officially proclaimed the Boss’ Day.

Thank you Boss
Boss day Thank you

On Boss’ Day, employees show appreciation to their bosses. On this day, they also get a chance to thank their boss for the guidance and support they provide to their employees. They also thank him for his help and making his employees achieve their targets. Usually, employees give gifts, flowers, cards, gift baskets etc. to their boss. The gifts are based on the hobbies and personality of the boss.

Coffee Mugs
Gift ideas for boss

If you are trying to find a nice gift for your boss, you can go for coffee mugs with nice words on it, a sophisticated notepad or a diary and the like. He can use these things to decorate his office or cubicle. If you want to give a gift to your boss that is more professional, a glass paperweight will be a good choice. A desk clock, personalized money clip or a distinguished leather portfolio are other nice choices you can go for. Your boss will not only like these gifts but also will appreciate you for your thoughtfulness and good choice.

Boss’ day is the time to show your boss how much you admire and value him. So, mark this day in your calendar and be ready with a perfect gift to make him glad on this day.

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