Boss’s Day 2019

Boss’s Day is an observance which is celebrated every year on October 16. On this day people honor their bosses and show gratitude to him/her for being honest and fair throughout the year. This day is celebrated to thank the Bosses for their contribution to employee’s growth. This day is celebrated annually every year however it is not a public holiday. It is a way to celebrate the achievement of employees and also the company at the workspace. Boss’s Day is a great opportunity to appreciate the things which management do for the welfare of employees.

When is Boss’s Day 2019?

This year Boss’s Day is observed on Wednesday, October 16.

How did Boss’s Day start?

Boss’s day dates back to the year 1958 when the concept of Boss’s Day was founded by Patricia Bays Haroski, who was an employee at State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield, Illinois. She was working at her father’s company. In order to show appreciation to her bosses and also to improve the intra-office relationships between the managers and employees, she marked October 16 as Boss’s Day. Patricia believed that the young employees were unable to comprehend the hard work and dedication of their bosses so it was important to mark their contributions for the betterment of the organization. October 16 was chosen as Boss’s Day because it was the birthday of her father who was also her Boss. Four years later, Patricia officially registered this day which was backed by the Governor of Illinois Otto Kerner.
Later, Boss’s Day became popular and Patricia registered the holiday with the United States Chamber of Commerce. In today’s time, the festival has gained immense popularity not only in the US but across the world.

What to do on Boss’s Day?

Boss Day
Happy Boss day

Boss’s Day is celebrated by an employee to exchanging cards or gifts these days. Appreciations flow in the workspace from employees to the employer on this day. People give candy and chocolates to their boss in order to impress them. But one should not give large gifts to Boss as it creates an unnecessary burden on the other employees as well. Instead, people can do the following things to make this day special –

Bake a thank you cake
You can bake a cake together with your colleagues on this occasion and present it to your Boss. This will not only improve your relations with your employers and also co-workers.

Make a team card -

Thank you Boss
Boss day Thank you

If you find baking a cake difficult task then you can simply make a thank you card for your Boss. It is the best way to convey “We appreciate you”. A simple card signed by all employees can make your Boss’s day.

After work celebrations –

team Lunch
After work celebrations

A team lunch can be organized after the work hours. This will surely nurture the existing bonds and also help in establishing new bonds.

Award ceremony –

Award ceremony
Award ceremony

Light-hearted award ceremony can be organized in order to entertain the colleagues and also appreciate the employers.

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