Birthday Poems

From thoughtful and sweet to funny and sarcastic, I hope you find the birthday poems you’re looking for below.

Famous Birthday Poem
Birthday Poem

It Feels So Good With You
It feels so magical in your company
We talk about so many things
We talk about our hopes
And things of the blings
We talk about our life to come
And other things per say
You are the reason for my life
Can’t even stay a day without you
Coz I simply love you
For best sis forever
Happy birthday to you God bless you!
By: P. Knudsen


Dear Daughter,
How proud I am
of everything that makes you
such a wonderful person.

I’m lucky you’re my daughter,
And I just want to make sure
you know how much
You’re love
and always will be.
Happy Birthday


You’re always very special
And you should know today
That you are wished the nicest things
That life can bring your way,
Like warm and loving wishes,
And happiness and cheer,
and everything you need to start
another happy year


Happy Birthday to the sweetest friend I know,
Nothing is more important to show,
Than my love for you,
You are the best thing happened to me,
You are my true bestie,
Happy birthday and have a nice day.

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