Birthday Party Themes

A wide variety of themes and DIY projects for birthday parties.

Birthdays are always special. A time to rejoice in ones birth, a time to cherish the one’s entity, and the time to spread happiness and cheer all around among friends and relatives. So why not make the birthday extra special and a memorable one by giving it a theme. However, keep the theme simple so that it is easy for everyone to participate in the party. Here are a few ideas for birthday party themes:

For Young Girls
Pink Theme

Birthday Party Themes
Birthday Party Themes For Young Girls

Tell all the little girls to arrive in the pinkest of the pink. The decorations should also match the theme. However do keep the little boys, if any, invited over, and you can grant them the colour blue. The cake can be strawberry flavoured.


Frozen party theme
Birthday party theme ideas for girls

Girls will simply love the theme especially because of the movie Frozen. They can arrive in the most beautiful royal blue dresses that Snow Queen Elsa wore in the movie. The decorations should all be white and so should the icing on the cake. Nowadays you also get something called the ice cream cake which would be perfect for this theme.

For Boys
Pirate Theme

Pirate birthday Theme
Birthday Party Themes for boys

The boys are going to love all dressed up as pirates. It is a male oriented theme and the décor should have cut outs of pirate ships on the wall. You can give a name of a pirate ship to the venue, something like Black Pearl. The cake would be perfect if it is dark in colour, something like a blueberry cake. If there are a few girls joining in, you can give them the option of coming as pirates or witches.

Adventure/Treasure Hunt Theme
Let the boys come dressed as some of the famous explorers and treasure hunters. Keep treasure hunt games complete with maps which look ancient with burnt and torn edges. If you have a lawn, it would be perfect. You can also host this theme party in a public park close to nature.

For Adults
Rock Star

Rock Star party
Birthday party themes For Adults

Ask your friends to come dressed as their favourite rock star. It could be Elvis Presley or any one from Beatles, etc. The twist in this theme will be that your frinds have to perform a song of the start that they are featuring.

Super Hero
With movies like the Avengers hitting the silver screen, not only children but even adults are fans of super heroes. So why not let the child in your friends have some fun and have the super-hero theme. The guests have to come dressed as their favourite super heroes and enact at least one scene from any of the character’s movies. Anyone dressed as the Hulk is sure going to have fun boxing people.


Birthday Celebration Ideas
Masquerades party theme

This theme is age old but still real fun. You and your friends will be in masks throughout the party. The theme has an essence of secrecy and intrigue to it which never fails to excite.

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