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Ideas for Birthday Party Supplies

Find the best selection of party supplies for kids and adult birthdays, including party ideas

If you’d like to have a great birthday bash or you want to plan your dear one’s birthday party, get an idea as to what party supplies you’ll need for the event. You can have a perfect party if you plan everything ahead of time and use the party supplies that are just ideal for a joyous birthday celebration!

Ideas for Birthday Party Supplies

Read on to know about birthday party supplies that can help you plan an ideal party for yourself or your loved ones.

Party supplies for decorations: A widely-used birthday party supply is a banner. You may use banners having a sports theme, such as a plastic basketball banner that can be hung on the walls, doorway or the windows in the party venue. Pastel banners having colorful letters that form the message “Happy Birthday” are often used for party decorations. Such a banner can be hung indoors or outdoors to set the mood of the party.

Other birthday party supplies used to decorate the party venue are hanging swirl decorations in pink, black, or silver colors that come with stars and beautiful cutouts at the bottom. Some of the interesting birthday party supplies are string decorations that include foil cutouts shaped like stars, hearts, cakes, and stars. These are just perfect for decorating the doorway so as to give a warm welcome to your guests. An interesting idea for birthday party decorations is a fluffy decorative item that comes in multiple colors and can be hung from the doorway or ceilings. They can vary from little notes to

Birthday party supplies for lights:

Birthday Decorations
Birthday party supplies for lights

There are birthday supplies which help light up your party venue as well as add to the decorations. For example, you may use Fuschia pink (for girl or woman) or blue (or boy or man) paper lanterns that are ideal to light up your party. Alternatively, you may get a square lantern electric light set. It includes a 120V AC string of mini lights that come in square shaped plastic covers, extra bulbs, and fuses.

Birthday party supplies for table decorations:

Barbie doll theme
Birthday party table decorations

To decorate your party tables, you may use confetti which is available as a combination of foil streamers, stars, and multicolored balloons. The confetti can be placed on the table or on handcrafted items used for party decorations.

Centerpieces like a strawberry plant with strawberry shortcake at the center are a perfect way to add to your table decorations. Floral centerpieces including a bunch of roses, daisies, and carnations in multiple colors are commonly used to decorate the party tables.

An interesting idea for a birthday party supply used for table decorations is a balloon centerpiece. Balloons add a special touch to any celebration. So, get some balloons from a local store and fill them with helium. Bundle the balloons with multi-colored ribbons and fix them against a weighted base. The balloons can have printed images of cakes, candles, and cartoon characters. They are just perfect to adorn your birthday party table and make it look appealing indeed!

Birthday cake supplies:

Birthday Cake
Birthday cake supplies

Birthday party supplies like cake decorations are widely used by one and all. An exciting idea for decorating birthday cakes is to use a candle that resembles the number of the birthday you’re celebrating. Such candles may have multicolored mini stars printed on them. They are just ideal to add sparkle to your birthday celebrations. There are candles that come with polka dots in multiple colors. You may get a pack of candles having a variety of colors with matching polka dots.

Some widely used birthday party cake supplies are cake pans having a variety of shapes like that of a guitar or a butterfly. You may go for cupcake pans that have non-stick surfaces which help you release the baked cake without any problem. These cake pans are usually made of aluminum and are quite durable.

Other birthday cake supplies are the decorations you may use on the cake itself. Go for the icing decorations that are shaped like mermaids. These are basically edible sugar decorations. Instead of mermaid decorations, you may use letters and numbering icing decorations that can be used not only on cakes but also on cookies and ice creams served on your birthday party. Aside from cake icing decorations, you may look for a cake stand kit. Such a kit usually comes with a cake stand as well as a birthday celebration cake!

Birthday party favors:

Chocolate Gifting
Chocolate gift ideas

Some interesting birthday party supplies that can be used as party favors for kids are mini pens, mini crayons, and chocolate gift baskets. Gift boxes in multiple colors are often used as party favors for kids and adults. For the adults, you may choose mini acrylic cocktail shakers filled with candies and sweet treats. A bottle of good quality wine and a set of crystal wine glasses can serve as the ideal party favor for your adult guests.

An interesting idea for birthday party favors is to get cupcake frosted glass votives, a pack of which includes 3-4 candleholders having colorful images of cupcakes imprinted on them. The candleholders are actually made of frosted glass and serve as the perfect gift for your guests who’ve attended the birthday party.

These are some of the ideas for birthday party supplies which you’ll need so as to offer a special gift to the guests who’ve been a part of your celebrations.

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