Birthday Party Places and Themes

Birthday Party
Birthday party celebration of kids & adults

Birthdays are special occasions for people of all age groups. Whether you’re a toddler, a teenager, a grown-up or a senior citizen, nothing can beat the feeling of being special on your special day. Celebration serves as the soul of a big day. No matter what your budget is, a birthday party celebration can actually bring a broad smile on the face of the birthday boy/girl. Below, I’ve listed out vital aspects associated with celebration of kids & adults birthdays:

1. Birthday Party Places

A birthday party is a celebration of the lovely years of life you’ve spent so far, with the hope that you have several glorious years to come your way. However, your party can be a success only if you choose the right venue and make proper plans ahead of time. Read on to find out which all birthday party locations can help you celebrate your most special day with your dear ones.

Community halls:

Birthday Party Places
Community hall is the ideal choice for Birthday celebrations

If you’re looking forward to throw a birthday party with limited number of guests, a community hall is the ideal choice for it. The community halls often store house equipment for the community, which reduces the space available. However, even if it’s a small space, make sure it offers all the amenities you need in order to arrange a birthday party. You should ensure that the hall has a location where your dear ones can easily commute to.

Surf clubs:

Enjoy the Birthday Party
Surf clubs for birthday celebrations

The surf clubs are among the best birthday party places for kids. That’s because kids get a lot of empty space to move around and play. Your kids can actually enjoy the birthday party and have fun surfing or windsurfing.

Church halls:

Church Halls
Best Birthday Party location

The church halls are one of the best birthday party locations. That’s because they have all the facilities that can help you arrange your dear one’s birthday party.

Hotels and restaurants:

One of the most popular birthday party places is a hotel or restaurant. Most hotels or restaurants have banquet halls which can be reserved for birthday celebrations. You may select the food that you don’t eat everyday. For example, the birthday party menu may include lobsters, steaks, or oysters. If the guests are mostly adults, you can look for good quality wine, good music or beer as well.

Science centers and museums:

National public museums and science centers are among the most exciting birthday party places that bring fun and enjoyment in any birthday celebration! They offer birthday packages that are suitable for anyone having a limited budget. Most of these packages offer free visits to the museums including their exhibitions and a free tour as well. However, when you receive offers, check if all the facilities are available for you to organize the party comfortably.

Ice skating rinks:

The ice skating rinks are among the best birthday party places where you can celebrate your kids’ birthdays. However, you’ll have to reserve the rink for the party so as to avoid finding strangers there. Also, your kids and guests must know what an ice birthday party means, so that they avoid getting injured. However, there’ll be a rink supervisor to take care of your kids and your dear ones’ children who join the birthday party.

Amusement parks and water parks:

Birthday Party at Amusement parks
Enjoy the day with a lot of fun

If you’re looking to arrange your kids’ birthday, you may check out the packages and facilities offered by amusement parks and water parks. They have multiple rides and games for your kids to enjoy the day with a lot of fun and excitement. Whether it’s the train ride, merry-go-round ride, or the carousel ride, the amusement parks offer everything to let your kids have fun and frolic on their birthdays.

Gardens for a birthday party:

Fun-filled Birthday Party
Birthday Party at botanical or a zoological garden

One of the popular birthday party location ideas is a botanical or a zoological garden. These gardens offer birthday packages which help you enjoy the day packed with fun and entertainment. Kids and animal lovers are sure to get delighted having their birthday parties at these gardens. Right from enjoying a pony ride and indulging in fishing to spending some time at the stable, there’s everything that makes a birthday party fun-filled and exciting!


The zoo could turn to be an excellent birthday party venue for the younger ones. Try to secure a part of the zoo for the sitting and food arrangements of the party. If your kid’s birthday party theme is animals, you can even take the kids around to a local farm if you get the permissions. This could be both, exciting and educative.

Swimming pool/Beach:

Pools and beaches for Birthday Party
Summertime Birthday party venue

A local swimming pool would be a great birthday party venue if your child’s birthday falls during summertime. All your guests would surely have a splashing time during your kid’s birthday party. Moreover, in a fine weather, there would be no better option than a beach. You can even cover an area in the beach for the party, and arrange chairs to lounge on.

2. Child Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies

Grab these brilliant birthday party ideas for your kid’s upcoming birthday:

1. Barbie would be a wonderful party theme for your little girl. Make the kids come with their favourite Barbies. The children could be kept engaged in making tiny ornaments for their dolls. You can even arrange a Barbie dress-over.

2. The decors of the party venue can be done with cutouts of the kids’ favorite baseball players. Make a baseball shaped birthday cake. The return gifts can include whistles, blowup balls, and sports stickers. This can be done with any other sport your child likes.

3. Carnival parties can be equally interesting for the kids. Dress the young ones with clown noses, gowns and wigs. Set up separate stalls for cotton candies, pop-corns, and typical carnival refreshments. The games can include hoops or dart games to give the feel of a real carnival.
Your child’s favorite cartoon or fairy tale character can make the party real fun! Be it Cinderella, or Scooby Doo, buy all your supplies matching with the theme. Get stickers and tattoos of that character, and guests dress up the guests as the characters themselves.

4. Harry Potter probably makes the most common party theme for the children now. Design the invitation cards to look like letters from Hogwarts, and ask the kids to dress as wizards and witches. You can gift miniature brooms and magic wands to the kids. Potter cutouts or a gothic décor would be fit for the theme.

5. Pirates can make an interesting idea too! The decors should be mostly on black, with torches hung on the walls, and plastic gold-coins scattered round the place. Give the guests eye patches, skull caps, and hoop ear-rings to wear. You can even put up a mock cannon ball fight with light paper cannon balls.

Child Birthday Party Supplies

Birthday is a time that your child awaits the entire year. So why not gift him a birthday party packed with fun and excitement? Since the occasion is so special, you need to be careful about the child birthday party supplies, deciding what you need to make the party rock.

If the party is based on any particular theme, make sure that every item in the supplies relates to that theme.


Birthday Party Invitation Card
Send an exciting invitation to your friends and family


The first step to arrange a birthday is sending of invitations. Be it little hand written notes or printed cards, your supplies should include invitations for each guest.

Party Games:

Outdoor Party games for kids
Best Birthday Party Games For Kids

Interesting games can make the birthday party more enjoyable for the kids. So while selecting the supplies, include games as well. If you are improvising your own games, make sure that you get the supplies you need for those.

Return gifts & Favors:

Return Gifts and Favors
Awesome Birthday Party Favors that kids will love

Return gifts would complete your list of supplies .A sweet and modest gift can be as welcome to the kids as expensive ones. So select simple gifts to match with the party theme. A “Thank you” card pinned on a little candy bag or toy will make the party a sure success with the kids.

3. Fun Birthday Party Theme

  • Any party is incomplete without kids and children and where there are children and teenagers, there ought to be fun! Hence, the idea of Fun Birthday Party Theme. As the name suggests, Fun Birthday Party is all about merry making and enjoyment. Whether it’s a kid’s birthday party or an adult’s birthday bash, fun, entertainment and pleasure are the pivotal points of concern.
  • If there is no fun in the party, the party becomes boring and dull. However, you will not like your guests or loved ones to doze off in your party! Therefore, there should be element of fun in it. So, plan out a Fun Birthday Party Theme and give your near and dear ones a jolt of amusement.
  • Fun Birthday Party Theme can revolve around many such themes that are very interesting and mind-blowing. There are many ideas and theme that can be part of the Fun Birthday Party Theme. These themes and ideas are sure to make your party a hit.
  • Your party will simply rock and will also keep your guests’ joints moving. How about spinning a tale of fun and laughter with varied fun ideas and themes based on popular kid’s television shows, recent hit movies, fantasy parties, adventure party ideas and wonderful classic party ideas?
  • A single theme idea will make for your exciting invitations, colorful decorations and balloons. In fact, your kid’s special birthday cake, party supplies, games, activities and gifts, everything can be related to your theme. This, in a way provides a perfect modus operandi to your guests.
  • There is a plethora of themes that you can choose for your Fun Birthday Party theme. It involves your budget and also considers the interests of your loved ones. Likewise, if your guests are very conventional and traditional, they will not like very bold themes even for an adult party. Moreover, if you are planning to invite your colleagues and other people from the corporate world, then the conventional themes will not be appropriate.
  • Hence, you should consider every possibility before deciding upon a theme. For example, for Kids, themes like Harry Potter character, Barbie doll character, Disney princess character etc. will be really funny and interesting as all of your guests will be comically dressed. Other than these, themes like mystic party-murder mystery theme, glamorous theme, 50’s period theme, flower theme, tea party theme etc. are some of the common themes that can be enjoyed at all birthday parties hosted for adults.

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