Birthday Party Food Ideas

Kids Birthday
Kids Birthday Party Themes

What to serve at your kid’s next party? We’re here to help! Here are some adorable birthday food ideas that the kids are sure to gobble up.

Everyone loves birthday parties. It brings about special joy and a numerous memories from childhood and we believe that whether you are a kid or a grown up, one should indulge in celebrations with much buzz.

The high point of any birthday party is the food and it is rightly said that one would never forget a party if the food served was great too! Planning the menu can get really chaotic and therefore we are sharing with you some exciting ideas to simplify things at your end.
Kids Birthday Party:

Birthday Party Food Ideas
Kids Birthday Party

Amongst all, kids are the ones who enjoy, birthdays the most. Given their age they wait excitedly all year around for the day when they get showered with gifts and adulation. An intelligent idea for a kid’s birthday bash is to have the menu structured mainly around finger food this way you would be able to monitor any spills with all that frenzy. The menu can include herb crusted chicken bites, cheesy meatballs or chicken sliders. If you are looking at including some classic birthday food treats, don’t miss to include fries, cake pops and pasta. If the birthday party is around a theme make sure that your menu boasts of the same. So if you are having a Halloween themed party incorporate a Halloween watermelon punch with DIY eyeball stirrers! If your daughter is having a ‘hello kitty’ themed party you can have doughnuts with pink frosting and kitty design. Along with the birthday cake, doughnuts with sweet toppings can double up as desserts. While organising a birthday party, ensure that none of the attending kids have food allergy and ensure that the menu is designed in accordance with the same.

Adult Birthday Party:

Party Ideas
Adult Birthday Party

Adult birthday parties are a little more frivolous with all the liquor and fun flowing. Make sure that you have enough cocktails and mocktails on menu to entertain your guests. You can also pick a good bottle of wine to raise a toast. Include no fuss food items like grilled chicken and vegetable skewers, prawns cocktail or mini lamb burgers. While catering to an adult party as a host, ensure that the food choices are simple and you don’t have to really spend time doing the rounds of kitchen. While planning a birthday menu make sure it suits the season as well. You wouldn’t want to serve pig roast to your guests when the season demands just some fresh salad and a platter of antipasti!

Elderly Birthday Party:

Birthday party food
Elderly Birthday Party

So what can you plan for your much loved oldies? It is a tad tricky but not impossible! If your guest list includes a lot of elderly, ensure that the food is apt too. Food items like sandwiches with soft fillings of tuna, eggs and ham would be wonderful. Other food dishes that can be part of the menu are quiches and pies. And for that sweet tooth you can look at some chocolate mousse or custard tarts.

Apart from the regular birthday food, we are sharing with food items that would match a ‘theme’ party

For Adults:
Sport’s Theme Party- Jerk Chicken sandwiches, corn on the cob and beer in abundance!
Moustache Party for Men- Slice baked potato, chipotle chilli chicken and moustache theme cupcakes!
Masquerade Themed Party for Women- Lasagne roll ups, pancake mini muffins and puffed pastry pizza.

For Kids:

Birthday Party
Three weeks before the celebration day

Rapunzel Theme Party – Spaghetti in red sauce, Devilled eggs and caramel custard.
Happy Bee Theme Party- Oreo cookie shakes, frittatas and cool berry cooler.
Farm Theme Party- Cream cheese wontons, jacket potato and medley of fruits.

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