Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

If you are planning a birthday party then you must be seeking for some birthday party decoration ideas also. So here you will find many ideas that will definitely help you in decorations.

Birthday Parties celebrated at home are by far the best nostalgic moments remembered by both young and adults alike. So, here are a few handy tips for Birthday Party Decorations that will turn food tables into telltales and walls into magnificent craft. Read On!!


First and foremost select a theme according to the interest of the birthday boy/girl. Themes could be age appropriate i.e. for a child mostly cartoon characters, animals or hobby are best and for adults, favorite colors, number themes, retro etc. For instance, if you’re having a skate boarding hobby party, then you can create a mini skate boarding arena style table in your house and decorate with favorite skateboarding posters etc.

Colourful Party:

Birthday Party Decoration Ideas
Colourful Party

If you are not planning your party according to any particular theme, then keep the party more on the color sides. Choose a combo of two colors, one bright and other a complimenting pastel shade and then use this color schematic in decorations of your house with balloons, streamers, table cloth, birthday supplies technically everywhere possible that includes the invitation cards as well.

Balloon Decorations:

Birthday Decoration Ideas
Balloon Decorations

Balloons add an ambiance of playfulness and merry to a decor. Here are a few balloon decoration ideas to inspire your creativity…

  • With the help of some sugar paper, felt pens and colored tissue paper, decorate the balloons with animal faces. All you need to do is to draw cute animal faces like a pup, cat, bunny etc. on inflated balloons and attach ears made from sugar paper on it.
  • Attach a plastic straw at the end of the inflated balloons and stick them upside down from the ceiling creating a chandelier effect over the food table. It will be a masterpiece in its own way.
  • Greet your guests on a walkway created by pinning balloons on both sides of the walkway with an exquisite welcoming ambiance of a party.
  • Add glamour to your party decor by using the wall behind the sweet table counter as your canvas and covering it entirely with balloons. This backdrop can also be used as a beautiful backdrop for party photo session.
  • Attach helium balloon with the initials of the child’s (guest to be seated) name on it and make them feel extra special.
  • Take a big box and fill it with lots of balloons and create a ball pool for kids to play with balloons, decorate them or simply toss them around.
  • Decorate the cake and goodies table with ice cream cone balloons. All you need is some sugar paper and tape. Make cones with sugar paper and secure them with tape, and rest the balloon on top of the cone, with string pulled down and attached to all corners of table.
  • Make flower balloons by assembling white or pink colored balloons in a flower shape with a yellow balloon in center. Attach them to a fence or use them for a nature theme party.
  • Decorate the main gate of the house with loads of balloon to make it easy to find the party house.
  • Decorate your balloon with glitters, colorful strings, mini pompoms etc. for an added flair to your bash.
  • Also, fill clear balloons with confetti and attach them to the favor bags as a party remembrance. Kids will love to receive them.


Streamers Birthday Decorations
  • For a colorful decoration of the furniture, wrap streamers around chairs, stairwells and fences.
  • Make your own streamer chandelier by taping one end of a dozen streamers to the mid of the fan and other end to the ceiling in different directions. Use rainbow colors for a gorgeous effect.
  • Make a brilliant streamer by adding several birthday notes filled with compliments, wishes a humor and decorate it all through the house for a sweet remembrance.
  • Decorate the birthday boy/girl chair into a splendid throne by covering it up with crepe paper, and decorating with glitters and stones.
  • Decorate the doorway with streamers hanging down from the top and crayons taped at the loose end to keep them in place.
  • Another brilliant way of decorating the doorway is with bunch of candy’s attached to strings hung down at the doorway.

Decorating With Food

Birthday Party Food Decoration
Decorating With Food

Amaze everyone with your decorating skills by serving food in the most stylishly presentable way.

  • Using theme related bowls and dishes to keep food.
  • Use toys, action figures etc. for holding food and beverage labels.
  • Add color to the food table with multi colored confetti’s, M&Ms, cookies and cupcakes.
  • Use swirl lollipops pinned in a Styrofoam ball to make a centerpiece for the table.
  • Arrange confetti’s and cupcakes in the shape of initials of the birthday boy/girl for a beautiful table presentation.

Decoration with exquisite tableware’s

Birthday party
Decoration with exquisite tableware’s

Add more appeal to your party decorations by involving crockery and tableware’s in it as well.

  • Wrap napkins to the plastic cups and secure with a ribbon for a festive feel.
  • Create place-mats with felt or sugar paper and decorate them with your party theme.
  • Pep up boring looking plastic cups by pasting glittered fancy tape to the rim of the cup, plates and cutlery’s as well.
  • Using a hole punch, make lots of confetti’s shapes from different colored glitter construction paper and sprinkle them on the table for a dazzling effect.
  • Use bowls in alphabetical shapes that spell happy birthday or party etc. and fill them with confetti’s, dry fruits, nuts, jelly’s etc. and pep up the mood of the party.

Now, you are all set with the decoration, party food and Cake of course. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Happy Partying!!

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