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Planning for a birthday party, involves lots of things including birthday invites. And if you are planning for a surprise birthday party the task become even more difficult. There are numerous types of birthday invites,You have to choose one, considering the theme of the party; it must be aptly reflected on the card. Some the things which should be mentioned in all types of birthday invitation include date, venue, time, dress code, direction and RSVP.

Themed Birthday party invite

Birthday Celebrations
It’s My Birthday
  • A themed party is a fun way of celebrating a birthday. Here, choosing the appropriate birthday theme idea is very important.
  • It will be a good idea to ask the birthday boy or girl about their choice and if possible, try to use that. The birthday invite, which you are sending out, must reflect the theme.
  • Suppose the theme is based on some Disney character; you can have a card, which looks like the character.

Surprise Birthday party invite

Surprise Birthday party invite
Surprise Birthday party invite

For a surprise birthday party, there are lots of things you will have to consider. Think about the guests you would like to invite. If you are throwing the party for a loved one, you will know most of the people you want there.
However, there may some people who the birthday boy/ girl would like to invite; you must find out about them. Of course, you must do so, without the knowledge of the person, for whom you are throwing the party. The most important task is to ensure that he/ she does not find out about this, which will spoil the surprise of the party.

Homemade Birthday Party Invite

Homemade cards
Homemade Birthday Party Invite
  • You can make the birthday invite at home with your computer. All you have to do is write down some nice birthday invite words, find an image from the computer or the web which will look good with that and then use it on the invitation.
  • Choosing the right font is also important here; some of them may look really good, but the readability might be less and vise versa. So, you must take care of this aspect while selecting the font.
  • Handmade or homemade cards are always a better option, to invite your guests during a birthday party; it has a personal touch.

Birthday Party Ideas

With each year, we become more mature and gain more experience and knowledge. So each birthday demand a different kind of celebration as it celebrate the growing maturity of an individual. Thus, birthday parties ideas will differ every year. A teen age boy/girl will have different birthday party ideas than birthday party ideas of a girl/boy in their twenties or someone at their fifties Birthday Party Ideas for Kids.

Barbie Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas
Barbie Party Ideas

Barbie would be a wonderful party theme for your little girl. Make the kids come with their favorite Barbies. The kids could be kept engaged in making tiny ornaments for their dolls. You can even arrange a Barbie dress-over. Fill the goodie bags with Barbie stickers and candies. The thank you notes can bear the picture of each child carrying her own Barbie.

Birthday Wishes

May your memories today be warm ones
May your dreams today be dear
May your joy last through the year
Have a wonderful birthday!

Whatever dream you’re dreaming
May each one of them come true
Whatever plans you’re making
May they all work out for you
Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are a time to say We hope you have the greatest day Laugh, smile and celebrate with friends
May the magical days show no ends!
Happy Birthday!

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