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Find super easy birthday party games so you won’t have to stress about planning your kid’s party.

Are you interested in throwing a lavish birthday bash for the dearest person, who matters a lot to you? You must be thinking of planning one such party that would comprise of mind blowing music, amazing foods, cakes, candles, balloons and other decorative items. But just wait for a second and think whether you have missed out anything or not! The answer is probably yes. Have you thought of including some interesting games in your birthday party? Birthday celebrations mean enormous fun and enjoyments, so it is very true that birthday games would simply double the celebration spirit. Interesting birthday games ideas would also help your guests in actively participating in the entire event.

Birthday party games differ as per the age of the birthday boy/girl. So, one has to be careful in planning the right party game in order to set the right celebration mood. Birthday games can be organized for kids birthday party, as kids love to participate in birthday games. Here are some superb birthday game ideas that are sure to add a touch of excitement to your birthday party:

Kid’s Birthday Party Games
The several games that kids can enjoy are

Pass the Parcel

Fun ideas for birthday games for kids
Kid’s Birthday Party Games

For this game, firstly prepare a gift box comprising attractive items such as chocolates, pencils, coloring books, soft toys, etc. Now, ask the kids to sit in the form of a circle. Play the background music and ask one kid to pass the gift box to the one sitting next to him and again that kid will pass it to the next one and so on. When the music will stop, the kid who will be holding the gift box will be the winner of the game. Continue this game until all the children receive one gift.


Statue game
Fun Filled Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids

Make all the kids stand in the form of a circle and ask them to start moving the moment you start playing the music. Just when you stop playing the music, ask the kids to stand and stop moving. The one who moves will be out of the game. Play the music again and continue with this game until the winner is decided.

Counting Game

Counting Game
Awesome Party Games for Kids

This particular game will help the kids in learning number counting. Firstly collect small pebbles and ask the participants to sit on the floor. Now drop the pebbles one after one and ask the kids to count the pebble, which are falling into the tin.

Talent Hunt

Talent Hunt
Try to present a gift, as a token of appreciation to all the kids for their participation

You can organize a talent hunt competition for kids, as would definitely help to motivate them and come up with their hidden talents. You can ask kids to perform anything they feel like and a person among the guests can be a judge to decide for the most talented child. Try to present a gift, as a token of appreciation to all the kids for their participation as it will make them happy.

Teen Birthday Party Games

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the teens remain very enthusiastic about their birthday celebrations. They can enjoy several games that will add more spark in the celebration mood. Just have a look-

Talent Competition –

Talent Competition
Teen Birthday Party Games

We all know that all of us are blessed with some inborn talents. You can organize some dance or singing competition, it would double the party effect. Musical chair is one such popular game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. In this game, chairs are arranged forming a circle. Music is played and the moment the music stops the guests need to look for a chair. The one who does not get a chair is out of the game. The game continues until the winner is decided.

Pyramid –
You can organize a game like pyramid where you have to arrange glasses in pyramid style. The participants will be given three balls each. Now they would be given three chances to break the glass pyramid with balls. The one who manages to break the pyramid in three turns completely will be regarded as the winner.

I Went To The Shops
In this game a child starts the games by saying, I went to the shops and got a banana. The child stops saying this and now another child continues saying the same lines along with some added message, like I went to the shops and got a banana and bread. The game continues as everyone repeats what all the participants have said along with some added information. Kids cannot play this game as it is difficult to remember but for children it is a good game as it helps them to increase their memory.

Adult Birthday Party Games


It is your birthday and you want to celebrate your birthday in a unique way so that all your friends and relative remember it forever. It is not only during childhood that we want to celebrate our birthday but we like to organize birthday parties and Birthday Game Ideas no matter how old we turn every year.

You can make your birthday party a great success by organizing some birthday party games. These birthday party games will keep all the guests specially the kids busy, as they will really enjoy playing games. Try to organize such birthday party games in which people of different age groups can participate and get pleasure from your birthday party. There are number of birthday games ideas that can help you to organize some exciting birthday party games. Some of the birthday games ideas that you can make use of to organize a legendary birthday party are given below:

Singing And Action Games

Singing And Action Games
Adult Birthday Party Games

One of the most well known first birthday party games is this singing and action game. You can sing some of the rhymes or just play the recorded rhymes and do the actions along with the lyrics of the rhymes. Use large books with pictures of animals and let everyone make noises of the animals. Let all the adults participate in this game, as kids will enjoy the sounds of animal made by human beings.

Baby Professions
This game can be a real fun for you and your baby, as it will help you to know the future profession of your baby. Place some of the items that are closely associated with some profession, like a notepad for a member of the press, stethoscope for a doctor, a camera for a photographer and so on. Cover all the items with some cloth and let the babies move slowly towards these items. Once the baby picks an item, you can capture the moment as it predicts the future profession of your baby.

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs
Fun Party Games for Adults Musical Chairs

This is a game that will involve the participants of all the ages, as people like to play this game. Playing this game is a real fun. You can arrange some chairs according to the number of contestants and play music so that all the contestants move around the chairs. As the music stops each person will look for a chair to sit and the person who cannot find a chair is out of the game. The game continues and each time a chair is removed. In the end two contestants and one chair is left, the one who gets hold of the chair in the end is the winner.

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