Birthday Flower Gifts


Someone so very aptly said that ‘flowers are the sweetest things that God created but forgot to put a soul into.’
In a similar vein Ralph Waldo Emerson has expressed his thoughts on blossoms by saying that the earth laughs in flowers! How true!

A birthday is a very special occasion and flowers make perfect gifts to commemorate anyone’s birthday – anywhere in the world! is an all encompassing gifts and greetings online hub that provides you with interesting and unique idea for Birthday Flower Gift so that when you are searching for that magical bouquet to give on the occasion of a loved ones birthday – you can find it right here, with us in our gallery!

One of the best ways to choose flowers as gifts would be to keep the birthday month in view. Each month of a year corresponds to a particular flower.

    • The carnations are apt to be gifted on the month of January as they symbolize freshness, cheerfulness and the spirit of discovery.

    • Violet or primrose is apt for the month of February. It’s the month of romance and commemorates St. Valentine’s birthday.

    • The month of March is represented by elegant daffodils that in turn stand for rebirth, respect and unrequited love.


    • Daisy represents the month of April in all its ecstasy and joy.

    • Lily is particularly symbolic of the month of May and represents sweetness, chastity and purity.

    • Water lily or Larkspur can be presented in the month of July.

    • Gladiolus, Aster, Pot Marigold, Chrysanthemums and Paper White Narcissus can be chosen for the months of August, September, October, November and December respectively.

Bouquet Ideas

No matter, how far you are from your loved one on his/her special day, sending over a carefully chosen bouquet of flowers right in the morning can more than make up for your absence at the party. Here are some innovative bouquet ideas:

Bouquet-IdeasA cheerful combination of yellow roses and bright chrysanthemums perfectly fitted in “be happy mug” can just add the right spirit of joyousness to the already festive occasion.
Give a miss to the traditional bouquet arrangements for the hand tied ones just to surprise the celebrant. Choose a pristine combination of the bright white orchids and fresh daisies placed alternately to woo the receiver of the gift

A rare display of red gerbera daisies, bright lilies and red roses teamed with a neat bamboo basket might provide an ideal cynosure for a friend who is blessed with an inborn sense for aesthetics.
Traditional bouquet arrangements include an assortment of red roses teamed with chocolates, violets combined with balloons, etc.

Flower Birthday Cakes


Birthday cake is regarded as the most essential part of the birthday celebrations, as cutting a birthday cake is an old tradition associated with the occasion. People admire unique birthday cakes that add to the celebrations of the birthday party. Kids love to cut funny birthday cakes because these type of cakes make them feel happy. Well flower birthday cakes are one such type of cakes that have always been admired by people having a sense of beauty.

Delicious flower birthday cake toppings give a perfect taste to the cake and the design of the cake itself attracts all the guests. The birthday cake is generally in a shape of a flower with petals of pink, green, purple and yellow color that gives a delicious look to the cake.
For those who want a flower birthday cake for their special ones can place an order beforehand and if one has some free time then flower birthday cake recipes can definitely help them to make a delicious homemade flower birthday cake.
The recipe given below provides with the guidelines to make a flower birthday cake.Ingredients
1pkg. of Pillsbury Moist Supreme Yellow Cake Mix
1-Cup Of Water
1/3-Cup Of Oil
3 Eggs
Decorative Sugar (Purple And Pink)
Various Colored Candies Coated With Chocolate
Colorful Fuit Flavored Decorations


2 cans Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla Frosting
Pink and purple icing colors


  • Heat the oven to a temperature of 350°F.
  • Oil and flour an eight-inch and nine- inch round cake pan.
  • Take a large bowl and mix all the cake ingredients and beat the mixture at a slow speed.
  • Now beat the mixture at a faster speed for about two minutes.
  • Empty two cups of mixture into eight -inch round pan and the remaining mixture into a nine-inch pan.
  • Let the cake bake at a temp of 350°F and then insert a toothpick inside the cake to check if it is baked.
  • Bake the eight-inch cake for about 30 to 40 minutes and nine-inch pan for a slightly longer time.
  • Now cool the cake for about fifteen minutes.
  • Take a microwave safe bowl and shade one cup of frosting with a pink color icing to attain a shade of pink color.
  • Now microwave the frosting for about 30 to 40 seconds so that the frosting becomes thin.
  • Put the eight-inch cake on a waxed sheet.
  • Frost lightly to close small piece of cake and let it dry.
  • Frost once again and spray the pink sugar.
  • Shift the cake to a cardboard covered with foil and now arrange various colored candies coated with chocolate on the cake.
  • Cut the nine-inch cake into eight blocks and cut approximately one inch of each block.
  • Shade the left over frosting with purple color icing in a microwave safe bowl
  • Microwave the frosting for about 35 to 45 seconds till it becomes thin.
  • Place each block on waxed sheet and after frosting sprinkle purple sugar.
  • Decorate the blocks with eatable decors that will give a delicious look to your cake.
  • Arrange the blocks around the eight- inch frosted cake.

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