Birthday Candles

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Birthday Candles

Make that birthday cake extra special with birthday candles.

1. It is a common fact that birthday cakes are an integral part of birthday celebrations, and birthday cakes are considered incomplete without birthday candles.

2. Birthday candles are closely associated with birthday celebrations since the time they came into being.

3. The birthday candles not only add a touch of decoration to the birthday cakes but also signify happiness and joy.

4. The light that the birthday candle produces give a sense of new hope, new beginning and happiness.

5. Birthday candles hold a significant and illuminated presence atop the birthday cake. Interestingly, the number of birthday candles placed on the birthday cake actually represent the age of the birthday boy/girl.

Happy Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Card

The traditions of using birthday candles

  • Began several years ago. Birthday candles hold a significant importance in birthday celebrations.
  • It is believed that lighting a candle itself is a sacred action that expresses a message of inspiration silently. It adds glow to the birthday celebrations by making it brighter in all aspects.
  • Birthday candles have some interesting facts associated with them.
  • The history of using birthday candles was started around the time when Greeks used candles on the cakes offered to Artemis – the Goddess of Moon.
  • They had this belief that lit candles make the round shaped cake glow like a moon. And following this belief they used to place a big candle that represented ‘light of life’. And not only that, the candles were marked with various lines and numbers.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
  • The custom of placing candles on the cake actually began because of religious reasons.
  • Moreover, some scholars suggest that this custom of placing candles on the cake actually stated because of the common notion of the people who believed that God lived in the skies.
  • They believed that lit candles would help them in sending their prayers and signals to God, and accordingly their prayers would be answered more effectively.

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