Bhai Dooj Story

Find information about Bhaiya Dooj 2019 Date, why and how it is celebrated, the main attractions and dates of Bhaiya Dooj are also mentioned.

In a diversified country like India, one can find a number of festivals throughout the year. Here, every particular festival symbolizes the importance and the significance of family relationships and sacred family bonding. One of the most popular celebrations of India is Bhai Dooj, signifying the lovely relationship between a brother and a sister. It also helps in strengthening the sweet brotherly-sisterly love bond. In simple words, this relationship is described as unique and matchless.

Happy Bhai Dooj
Bhai Dooj Story

On this remarkable day, sisters apply a tilak on the forehead of their brothers making their bond even stronger.

Sisters pray for seeking the blessings of the Almighty for the protection and prosperity of their brothers.

Thereafter, a brother promises his sister that he will guard her forever from all bad forces and troubles.

Bhai Dooj Story (Katha)

  • Once upon a time, there was a family in a village. There were two siblings in that family, a brother and a sister. The sister was elder among the two. She got married when her brother was too young. As the brother was too young he hardly remembered anything about his sister’s marriage. After her marriage, the sister never returned to her native place.
  • So, with the passage of time the image of the sister almost faded as the brother grew up. He missed his sister on the day of Bhai Dooj. So, on one particular Bhai Dooj, the brother who had now turned up into a very handsome young boy asked his mother why his sister never visited their home again. The mother replied that there is a big forest and a big river in between their village and the one in which his sister lived. So, it is very difficult to travel and cross the river and the forest where there are numerous wild animals.
  • After hearing this, the brother decided to visit his sister’s place on next Bhai Dooj. The mother warned him. But the brother didn’t listen and decided to visit his sister. The mother asked the boy to tell his sister that she should come now and find a suitable girl for her brother.
  • The boy started his journey. The rising level of the water made it almost impossible to travel. And moreover, there were the danger of the wild animals. The boy requested the river and the snakes that they can harm on his way back after meeting his sister. They all agreed and the boy proceeded. Now he faced the mountain which started throwing stones. He gain requested the mountain, the mountain too agreed. Now, he faced a fierce tiger, who decided to eat him, he again requested that he can feed on him on his way back.
  • Ultimately, the boy reached the village. He knew that his days are now very limited, still he wanted to meet his only sister. The sister on seeing his brother after a long time gave him a grand welcome. She prepared variety of food items for her brother. The brother, his sister and his brother-in-law spent some memorable moments together.
  • The time has appeared for the brother to leave her village now. The brother narrated his story to his sister and said that he is going to die very soon. After hearing this, the sister decided to accompany his brother. She packed meat for the tiger, milk for the snake, silver and gold flowers for the mountain and rice for the river.
  • So, they started their journey. The sister offered meat to the tiger, performed puja with flowers for the mountain, offered milk to the snake and the sister again performed puja with the rice and the roli for the river. They were very tired by now.
  • They came across some gypsies who were working far away. The sister went to the gypsies for some water and they predicted that the danger of the brother is not yet over. The sister asked them how she could save her brother form the dangers. They suggested that the sister should go on cursing him continuously right from now and till the end of his wedding. She should perform all the rituals first for saving his life. After all these hurdles, they reached the village.
  • Once she reached their home, the sister started to curse her brother. The boy was surprised but she continued to abuse him. The family members and the villagers were very surprised. But they didn’t say her anything as she had come after a long time.
  • The brother’s marriage was fixed. The sister continued to curse him. So, on the wedding day, the sister insisted that all the rituals must be performed on her first and that the ‘sehra’ must be tied on her forehead first. She found that there was a small snake in the ‘sehra’ (turban). She pulled out the snake.
  • She again insisted that the marriage procession should start from the back door. The sister had somehow fallen asleep and everyone ignored her suggestion and started the procession from the front door. The porch fell down but the groom had a narrow escape.
  • Now, it was the time of the pheras (going around the fire). The sister again had gone to sleep. After the first round the boy fainted as evil spirits captured him completely to take him away. After hearing the whole noise, the sister came running and started to abuse her brother again. On hearing the abuses and curses the evil spirits fled away. The boy regained his senses.
  • Next, it was the turn for the bride and the groom to exchange ‘kheer’. The sister had it first and took out a spiked needle from it and kept it in her bag.
  • The wedding got over finally and everyone including the brother wanted the sister to leave. But before leaving the sister narrated the entire story and predictions of the gypsies and the reason behind her bad behaviors. Everyone had tears in their eyes. The brother touched her feet and said that let everyone have a sister like her who is ready to sacrifice everything for saving her brother!

This story signifies the strong bond between a brother and sister. And, it must be noted that narrating the Bhai Dooj katha actually marks an end to the celebrations of this auspicious day.

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