Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas

Bhai Dooj is a festive occasion when brothers and sisters celebrate their bonding and wish for each others’ well-being. The tradition of exchanging gifts on this festival makes it extra special. This is the time when brothers and sisters look forward to getting exciting gifts from each other as a token of their love and care.

Below, you’ll find a list of ideas for Bhai Dooj gifts for sisters and brothers.

Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas for Sister


Bhai Dooj Gift
  • Women simply love jewelry! So, sisters can be offered a special jewelry set including a chain with a pendant and a pair of earrings.
  • Whether it is gold, diamond, pearl, or trendy fashion jewelry, make sure you choose the best design that would add to your sister’s personality.
  • Beautifully crafted jewelry boxes are a great way to add to your sister’s delight on the day of Bhai Dooj. Whether it is a marble jewelry box decorated with kundans and strokes of gold or one that features Rajasthani Katar (an Indian dagger used by Rajasthani warriors), painting, such gifts will surely be appreciated by your sister. That’s because she can store her accessories with care in such a box.


Handcrafted and Embroidered Bags:


Handcrafted and Embroidered Bags
  • These bags are one of the most useful Bhai Dooj gift ideas for a sister. Purses and trendy clutch bags are a favorite among young women. So, you may choose any of these gifts for your sister as a way of showing your love and care.
  • Embroidered bags which have a blend of traditional and contemporary style are a perfect gift for this festive occasion.
  • You may just want to pamper your sister with a special gift including a hand bag embellished with mirror work or hand embroidery and a soft teddy bear that your sister would love to hug and cuddle with.


Perfumes and Cosmetics:

Perfumes Gift
Perfumes and Cosmetics
  • Your sister may enjoy getting a makeover with a makeup kit that includes branded cosmetics.
  • In addition to a makeup kit,you may gift her a perfume, especially from the brand that she prefers to use.


Show Pieces

Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas
Show Pieces

One of the most exciting Bhai Dooj gift ideas is a show piece with attractive designs which add to one’s home décor. Whether it is a decorative vase, a wall hanging, a timepiece with antique design, or a lampshade, your sister will love to receive such an exciting gift from you on this joyous occasion.

Flowers and Chocolates:

Gift Box
Flowers and Chocolates
  • A combo gift pack of flowers and chocolates is one of the most interesting Bhai Dooj gifts for your sister. A bunch of fragrant red roses, a Black Forest cake, and chocolates can actually brighten your sister’s day. So, you can present this special gift to your sibling on this occasion and sweeten the bond you share with her.
  • A festive arrangement of exotic flowers including Orchids, Gerberas, and Birds of Paradise along with leaves will surely touch your sister’s heart and make her glow with a beautiful smile.
  • A festive card gifted with this beautiful bunch of flowers will make the present even more exciting.
  • A gift hamper including red and yellow roses and balloons is one of the best Bhai dooj gift ideas that’ll add to your sister’s festivities on this occasion.


Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas for Brothers


  • If you have a brother and you’d like to gift him something that he really loves, go for a box of his favorite sweets and let the festival leave behind a sweet memory.
  • Just make sure these sweets are packed beautifully in a box decorated with ceramic designs and sequins.

Wrist Watches:

Watch Gift
Wrist Watches

Traditional watches or trendy designer watches are the best Bhai Dooj gift ideas that can bring a smile on your brother’s face. So, you can gift him a wrist watch that is elegantly designed and adds to his grace and style.




Gift your brother a stylish and useful gadget and create the memory of a lifetime. Whether it is an iPod, a digital camera, or a mobile phone, ask your brother what he would prefer before you get the present for him.


Chocolate Hampers:

Chocolate Hampers
Chocolate Hampers
  • One of the best Bhai Dooj gifts you can have for your brother is a chocolate hamper. Such a gift includes a delightful treat of chocolates with a special Bhai Dooj card and an attractive roli-tikka chawal hamper.
  • If your brother is a kid, gift him a cute teddy or a Mickey soft toy along with goodies like Dairy Milk chocolate, wafers, and dark chocolates. Such a gift is sure to excite him on this festive occasion of Bhai Dooj.


Dry Fruits:

Dry Fruits
Dry Fruits
  • One of the most traditional Bhai Dooj gift ideas is a pack of dry fruits which your sibling will love to savor. A white metal tray having four leafy shaped bowls filled with varieties of dry fruits like almonds, cashews, raisins, and pistachios is one of the most exciting gifts that you may offer to your brother on this festive occasion.
  • Alternatively, a puja thali adorned with silk fabric flowers and filled with kaju, raisin, and other dry fruits can be gifted to your sibling on Bhai Dooj.
  • You may get your brother dry fruits like badaam, pista, kaju, and raisin that come together in a beautifully decorated cane basket with a special handle along which a colored ribbon is tied to make the gift attractive. This amazing gift basket is a sure shot way to convey your warm wishes and share the festive spirit with your brother.


Shirt Hampers:

Shirt Gift
Shirt Hampers
  • One of the most popular Bhai Dooj gift ideas for your brother is a stylish shirt that matches his personality.
  • Along with the shirt, you may offer a pack of his favorite chocolates or dry fruits. This will make the ideal gift for the festive occasion.

Gifts for Brother and Sister-in-law:

  • You may choose a gift hamper that includes a beautifully designed glass and metal ashtray for your brother and an elegantly crafted jewelry box with Dhokra work for your sister-in-law. This will make the perfect combination for a gift meant for your brother and his wife.
  • Alternatively, you may go for a branded shirt for your brother and a beaded party bag for your sister-in-law. One of the Bhai Dooj gifts that your brother and his wife would surely appreciate is a gift hamper which may include a stylish tan leather wallet and a black beaded purse.

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