Best Wishes on Vaisakhi – 2019

Happy Vaisakhi
Vaisakhi – The Khalsa Panth Initiation Day

Congratulations on 321st Initiation day of the Panth Khalsa and the Sikh New Year. May this year bring peace and prosperity in abundance. May values of Guru Gobind Singh and other Sikh Gurus touch lives of your loved ones. May the saying “Manas Ki Jaat Sabhe Ek Hi Pehchaan Bo” (The whole humankind be known with only one caste – Human) be acknowledged and lived by more and more people. May the world be at peace and all become prosperous.

On Vaisakhi, resolve to do no first wrong but at the same time resolve to hit back for a good cause even if it takes your own life. In addition work hard, share your fortune with those in need and pray to His name. Do go to Gurdwara and join in Langar.

Waheguru Ang Sang (May the almighty be with you, all the time).

Note:Yes, Vaisakhi and Baisakhi are one and the same. Sikhs prefer spelling it out with V as it closer to its Punjabi pronunciation)

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