Best New Year Gift Ideas

new year gifts

New Year Gift Ideas

A year has twelve months during which every individual experiences many ups and downs. For some a certain year might be very lucky and for others it may be the worst year. Every year starts with a new hope associated with it. The ending of the previous year leads to a start of a new year making several promises and commitments.

New year is the best time to gift all your nears and ones with some special new year gifts making them remember the beginning of the year and also inspiring them to work hard for their goals during the entire year.

Some of the paramount new gifts can be:

Candles: The candles always symbolize illumination-spreading happiness. Gifting candle means that the coming New Year lightens your life and spread happiness all around.


Greeting cards: All those who are at a distance and want to send their wishes to all their near and dear ones can make use of greeting cards and also the online greeting cards sending them to all the near and dear ones making them feel special.

New Year Greetings

Soft Toys: People have always admired toys and gifting with soft toys on New Year to kids and adults make them feel they still young and can create landmarks in the New Year.

Soft Toys

Cookies: You can also gift cookies and chocolates on New Year as a token of love.


Champaign Bottles: Gifting a Champaign bottle with a ribbon tied on it is a perfect New Year gifts, as the bottle can be kept as a remembrance of the start of the New Year.

Champaign Bottles

New Year Corporate Gift Ideas

New Year corporate gift is the best way to thank the employees as well as the employer for a mutual beneficial relationship and is an ideal epitome of good gesture, commitment and good will. Although the types of New Year corporate gift differs from person to person in accord to their personal taste, choice and of course in accord to the intensity of the corporate relationship yet the corporate gifts as a symbol of thanks and best wishes is always the same.

 While the crystal-studded cufflinks'; tiepins, signature pens, hand-blown glass items, sculptures, craft carvings and leather accessories are some of the traditional New Year corporate gifts which are still cherished for their significance as gift items, yet the wide array of items like Beautiful Desk sets with classic pen holder, chic dimensional snow globes with a rotating base, creative business card case, Special sky lined Martini glass with creative designs, champagne glass, graceful glass cookie jar etc offers an individual dimension to the idea of New Year corporate gifts whilst ensuring a better corporate relationship in the forthcoming year.
corporet gifts

New Year Gift Basket Ideas

Healthy Food Gift Basket: This New Year, gift your friends and family a basket full of healthy snacks, fresh fruits, nuts, anti-oxidant rich dark chocolates, and delicious trans-fat free treats. Some of the foods you can find in these baskets are seafood spread, bean dip or salsa, flavored honey sticks, apple chips, blueberries, grapes, flavored almonds, and nut crunch.

Healthy Food Gift Basket

Sweets And Treats Basket: These gift packs come with chocolate cream filled pastry cookies, chocolate cherry delights, strawberry wafer cookies, crunchy caramel corn, chocolate truffles, chocolate peanut butter treats, candies, chocolate bars and biscotti. These foods are sure to delight your loved ones.

sweet basket

Champagne And Fondue Baskets: If your dear ones love to taste different varieties of champagne, this can be an ideal gift for them. Aside from champagne and fondue, you will find gourmet chocolate chips, a fondue pot, and dipping forks in such baskets. This makes it an ideal gift for a couple looking forward to a romantic New Year celebration.


Flower Baskets: Flowers are a great way to convey your warmest wishes to friends and family on New Year’s Day. Get your dear ones a basket of snow white tulips and vibrant blue Iris. As an alternative, you may choose a beautiful arrangement of red, pink, yellow, and peach colored roses.

A basket of charming oriental lilies offers a special way to celebrate New Year. Colorful Gerbera daisies with green fillers can also be one of the exciting New Year gift baskets.

Flower basket

Spa-Themed Baskets: Let your friends and family have a relaxed holiday season with spa-themed baskets. These gifts come with bath oils, lotions, shower gel, body scrub, aromatherapy products, and votive candles – everything that help the recipients freshen up and rejuvenate themselves.

Spa-Themed Baskets

Special Gift Baskets: Since New Year is the time for celebrations, choose a gift basket that will be full of items which can entertain your loved ones. So, you may decorate a basket you have at home and place in it some CDs and DVDs of all-time classics or popular movies. Add a cookbook and a fitness DVD as well. If you get tickets to a famous New Year event related to music or sports, tuck them along with the basket. This will make a perfect present for this joyous occasion.

When you send these New Year gift baskets to your dear ones, you set the tone for a happy and prosperous year ahead, and your gifts are delightfully appreciated by those who are close to your heart.

special gift basket

Tea-Themed Baskets: Get your loved ones a tea-themed basket that has an exciting selection of branded tea and other delightful treats. They will enjoy the winter with the teatime pleasures your gift can offer. Such baskets usually come with ceramic teapot and cups, white tea bags, black tea bags, green tea bags, lemon wafers, mint tea shortbread, vanilla almond tea wafers, and other delicious treats.

New Year Gift Ideas For Him

This New Year, give a pleasant surprise to your lover or husband by gifting him something he has wanted for years. If you are looking for ideas on fascinating New Year gifts for him, look at the tips given here.

Flowers: A bouquet of fresh flowers or a floral gift basket can truly convey your love and warmth for him. You can choose an arrangement of roses and gerberas in peace and cream colors.Bright colored seasonal flowers or a collection of orchids, roses, and tube roses can make a great choice for New Year gifts for your boyfriend or husband.

A basket of pink anthuriums, carnations, and pink lilies with green fillers will surely fill your partner’s heart with joy. An exquisite assortment of bright and vivacious lilies will be an alluring gift for your partner on New Year’s Day.


Chocolate Gifts: Get a basket of gourmet treats and chocolates for your special someone this New Year. Delicious candies, cheese, sweet butter cookies, crackers, smoked almonds, Ghirardelli chocolates, and Belgian truffles can indeed make him feel loved and treasured on an occasion as special as the New Year.

A basket full of chocolate truffles, double chocolate cappuccino, chocolate cream filled pastry cookies, chocolate covered almonds, and chocolate wafer rolls is one of the New Year gifts you may get for your boyfriend or spouse.

Chocolate truffle almonds, milk chocolate assortment, dark and caramel chocolate bars are some other options you can offer to your husband or lover.

Chocolate Gifts

All-purpose headphones: You can get your lover or husband a set of headphones having a pedometer, stop watch, as well as a heart rate monitor and performing multiple tasks!

Sweet And Salty Nut Sampler: An assortment of honey roasted peanuts, fancy cashews, mixed nuts, chocolate covered raisins, and butter toffee peanuts will surely delight your partner, especially if he has a sweet tooth.

Sweet And Salty Nut Sampler

Decorative Wine Baskets: Wrap a red ribbon around a bottle of wine and place it in a decorative wine box made of solid wood that comes with a cherry finish. Your partner will love to receive such an elegant gift from you.

Decorative Wine Baskets

New Year Cakes: If your lover or husband enjoys eating cakes, get him a cheesecake sampler. You can go for cheesecakes of different flavors like fruity strawberry and turtle cheesecakes.

Newyear cake

Gadgets: Gift that special someone a couple of cool electronic gadgets like an iPod or a digital camera. You can choose an Apple iPod 120GB, which holds up to 30,000 songs and 150 hours of video, and can also store 25,000 photos. Let your partner discover new music and games with this iPod.


As for the digital camera, you can select a Canon Powershot Digital Camera sx130 that has a high resolution and good image quality. You can also go for a Canon PowerShot SX210, which is just perfect for creative photo shooting.

Set of romantic love tokens: One of the ideal New Year gifts for him is a set of romantic love tokens revealing your emotions toward him. Be sure that he will love to receive this exciting gift from you.

Coffee Mug Set: Get your partner a set of coffee mugs on New Year’s Day so that you enjoy each sip of coffee together on this auspicious day every year. You can also customize it with a photo of you two together.


A Stylish Shirt: One of the New Year gifts for him is a stylish shirt that makes your boyfriend or spouse look great on this special occasion. Choose a fabric that’s he is comfortable with. It’s better to take him with you when you go shopping – this will help you get the best shirt for him.


Let your partner kick off the New Year with exciting presents from you. Just make sure you choose a gift depending upon his likes and dislikes.

New Year Gift Ideas For Her

New Year is the time to celebrate the newness in almost every sphere of life and is the occasion to bid bye to the decayed year whilst welcoming the new beginning. It is perhaps the only time to forget about all the worries, sadness, pain and grief associated with the closed year and greet the forthcoming time with dance, music, color, charm, zest and o yes definitely with New Year gifts.

Exchanging gifts on the New Year day enhances the spirit of the occasion whilst making the day a lot special from the rest 364 days of the year. New Year is the occasion to say those unspoken words to that special person and ideal New Year gifts for her aids in saying those sweet nothings whilst wishing a prosperous New Year to her.

New Year is definitely a very special day so why not to make the time even more special to her with innovative and exotic New Year gifts for her .

Diamonds are always women’s best friends quite ideally therefore special diamond studded ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings are therefore excellent New Year gift for her to admit your emotion for your special someone.

Reflection of deep feeling in the form of candy, flowers, cards are some dear New Year gifts for her which conveys the message of love in an eloquent way. Perfumes, fashionable shoes, attires and beautiful accessories are some other New Year gift ideas for her to celebrate this New Year with sheer passion and zest.

So make use of any of the above New Year gifts and gift all your near and dear ones as New Year is round the corners. Click here to send beautiful new year messages to your dearest.

gifts for her

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