Best Friends Day

Post childhood, our preferences change. There grows a need to connect with people similar in age, intellect, and likings. In comparison to parents and siblings, we become closer to friends for we tend to spend more time in their company. And when we find someone with whom we click most spontaneously and suitably, we call him/her our “best friend”. It’s fortunate to find a best friend as best friends are hard to find. A best buddy understands us completely and becomes a source of great inspiration, motivation and love. He/she shares our joys, sorrows, and secrets, and gives us sincere advice when the world tries to misdirect us. With a best friend to fall back on, we combat life’s challenges more easily and grow strong with his/her support. It is true that a best friend connect with us on a spiritual level, they understand us best even when we do not express, they put up with us even when we behave nasty, they stand by us through our thick and thin and most importantly never demand anything in return. It is their selfless love and deep concern for us that sets them apart from our other friends and relations.
In this fast paced life, we end up taking so many things for granted including the invaluable company of our best buddy. Best Friend Day gives us a special chance to make an extra effort to nurture our love with our best buddy and make it ever lasting.
Best Friend Day is a wonderful to medium to honour your friendship with your closest pal. Believe it or not, your best friends deserve every remark of respect for they are your biggest support system. Show them that you care and that their presence is indispensible in your life. Send them a bunch of roses this day with a greeting card that conveys your deepest feelings for them.
You can celebrate Best Friends Day by spending quality time exclusively with your best friend. Plan an outing to an amusement park or a waterfall or a hilltop. Sit amidst the natural beauty and cherish your old memories together. Talk about the times you fought with each other, cared for each other and felt lonely without each other. Surprise her/him with his/her favourite gift and as you do so express your admiration for her/him. Do not forget to capture these moments in your camera.
Thank them for all they have done for you so far. Take a walk together, or go on a long drive and play a lovely song to pay tribute to your friendship.
Send Best Friends Day Cards to your special friends and Cherish them -


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