Being women is priceless!

womens-dayA woman is the most beautiful and wonderful tree planted in the garden of life by god. This world is totally beautiful and adorable with the gift of womanhood. She is not just a carrier of life or a nurturer but she is a guiding force, the backbone of every society. She is not just a daughter, a sister, a wife, a sister in law, a daughter in law, a mother, but a working professional as well and she graces all these rolls with great aplomb. As good as she is a homemaker; she befits the roll of a professional as well. Here’s throwing light on what a woman does for you(man in her life):

Changes her name: As soon as a woman says ‘I Do’ ….everything changes. The first thing that changes is her name. She has to suffix a new surname of the one she’s getting married to. As for husbands it’s still the same he will be what he is but for a women changing names becomes ‘who am I’?

Changes Home: Then, to begin a new life with her husband, she has to change home and move in with him. The family that was her own suddenly becomes distant and she has to embrace a family that is utterly unknown to her.

Moves in with her husband: Post marriage a woman leaves everything that she had before marriage and moves in with her husband (typical in Asian culture). She adjusts to a new environment, new people sometimes who expect her to change overnight according to them. They don’t even realize what If someday they have to adjust a wee bit for her: a volcano of anger is waiting to erupt against her.

She is the ambience of your house:  A Woman is always appreciative and compassionate. She doesn’t take anything for granted. She nurtures the family and relationships with love and takes great care to be

A part of everyone’s endeavor. She is the backbone of a family.

She is a life giver: A woman is blessed with the unique gift of motherhood. A new life is welcomed into this world only because there is a woman, who bears them in their womb and nurtures them. The pain that she undergoes during childbirth is unbearable. She almost gives up her life in the labor room only to emerge as a new born mother. Everything is incomplete without her.

Children too bears father’s name: Even after experiencing so much pain and uneasiness throughout the nine months, while giving birth to a child and all these years of upbringing of the children what reward does she gets? Nothing, even the children whom she has given birth bear the name of their father, as if she played no role in their life.

Many a times she does these things even at the cost of her own health. She gives up on her ‘ME’ time to help kids make their school projects. She gives up on her hobbies to give more and more quality time to the family.

She’ll always be there no matter what!
So, what do you think now, is being woman so easy!!!

That’s why Being Woman is Priceless!!!
You cannot roll your eyes away from the remarkable and ever ending role a woman plays in your life.

So girls be yourself and take challenges…….you are priceless and unique like a pearl….Enjoy your life!!!

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