Being A Mom


Mothers have always found a special place in history and a mother-child relationship is the purest form of relationship. Whether you are a mother of a kid or a grown up adult, you would quite agree with the fact that motherhood changes the ‘women’ in you!

It is a great feeling to hold your child for the first time and dwell in simple pleasures of life like spending endless hours listening to the sweet babble. As a mother you witness the tiny tots take their first step and then stand by them when they accept bigger challenges in life. Apart from all the love that a mother showers she is also responsible of how a child shapes up in life being making a mother’s job the toughest in the world.

Be Understanding: Always remember that a child always feels the closest to his/her mother. It is very natural that your kids would want to choose things for themselves; this could be as simple as a buying a new dress to more complex ones like choosing a course they are interested in. Appreciate their choice and have an understanding outlook.

Be Patient: Now we all know that teenage can be very tricky and children tend to battle a lot during this period. They might throw temper tantrums, avoid conversation and may start to stay aloof. As a mother try and have a friendly approach towards things, since your kids are looking for a friend more than a parent and handle things with patience.

Communicate: Communication is the key to any relationship including the one that you share with your kids. It is obvious that you will be concerned about their development, at all stages of life hence keeping the communication channels open would be a great way to bond. As a mother they would seek your advice and value it like never before.

Maintain Discipline: The habits that you inculcate in your kids in their growing up days truly define what they would be in future. It is important therefore to maintain a discipline around things. This also does not mean that you are over the top strict about things like money, late nights, friends etc!

Now we cannot have a to do list for ‘how to be a mother’, however ensuring few aspects would always make you win ‘The Best Mom in the World’ title.

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