Bastille Day

Bastille Day is celebrated in order to honor the French culture.  On 14th July 1789, French people stormed and seized the Bastille prison in France and started the French Revolution to overthrow King Louis XVI. Since then 14th July is celebrated as Bastille day is France. It’s also a historical symbol of revolt against injustice, thus it is celebrated in many countries across the world. Bastille day brings along with it a patriotic fervor. Many large scale public events take place in France and its capital city Paris. It is a festive occasion that splashes fireworks painting the sky in different hues.  Firework event takes place mainly in Eiffel tower which hosts the most spectacular firework show of the city. Other places for fireworks are the Saint Germain des Près district, and around Montparnasse.
The Bal du 14 Juillet is a giant dance party traditionally held in the place where Bastille, the prison stood. Though it is a traditional event, each year brings in a new theme, providing people with opportunity to get dressed in different costumes and enjoy live music. A large military parade also takes place in Paris on 14th of July to celebrates the birth of democracy in France. Service men and women including cadets from French military schools, navy and French Foreign Legion also take part in the parade. Military air crafts paint the sky in national color, flying overhead. The parade ends with Paris fire brigade. The president inaugurates the ceremony and addresses the thousands of people standing in line.

Bastille Day is also a time to celebrate picnics with friends and family and enjoying the holiday with sentiments of patriotism.

So send along Bastille Day Cards to your friends and loved ones and be a part of the celebration.

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