Baisakhi Customs

The observance of most important of all Baisakhi customs starts with offering prayers at the Gurudwaras. Baisakhi, which is celebrated every year on April 13th and sometimes on April 14th, is celebrated with a lot of fervor and grandeur all across the country. Also referred to as the Harvest Festival, there are several important events that are closely associated with this day.

Aside from the celebrations that take place for the establishment of the Khalsa Panth and growth of Rabi crops. In fact, Baisakhi is New Year day for the people in Assam, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu too.

One thing that is common for all is merrymaking and enjoying the festivities. So, this essentially means preparing the best dishes, wearing new clothes, reviving relationship with peers and loved ones.

Let us find out more about the Baisakhi customs observed by the Sikh people. These festivities take place in those areas where Sikh population is pre dominant. This holds true not only in case of India but anywhere around the globe.

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