Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Baby Shower
Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Need baby shower invitation wording ideas? Get baby shower invitation ideas and baby shower wording for a boy, girl and more!

Expecting a baby is a joyous occasion for parents as well as their well-wishers. A baby shower celebrates the arrival of the child and is hosted in honour of the expecting mother, usually by a friend or a family member. If, you are the one who is planning this event we have some ideas that would make this event quite memorable for the person you are hosting it for!

A baby shower would be great if the invitation ideas are in line with an equally great theme. This would provide a fun edge to your invite.

Revealers Invite
Baby Shower invites

Revealers Invite-
Though tradionally a baby shower is a women’s only event, however you can deviate from the normal and throw a couple’s baby shower party. The idea is to get together the parents to be where they would reveal the gender of the child. The invite can be in the form of cute illustration in the theme of pink and blue. The cake is the highlight of the party, where the filling would be blue or pink (which you have already shared with your baker). It would be a delightful moment for the friends and parents when they cut the cake!

Pea Pod Invite:
If the mom to be is expecting twins, a beautiful idea can be a pea pod themed party with the invitation card complimenting the theme. The guests can drop in wearing green. This way the guests would get a heads-up and they can choose the gifts accordingly.

Baby Buggy Invites:
If you are a creative person, a great way of reaching out to your guests is by creating a buggy invite from old patches of fabric; this would just add a little personalisation to your invitation. A buggy shaped cake would be an added advantage.

DIY Baby Shower Invite:
A fun way of having a baby shower is to throw a DIY themed party. Engage the guests by handing over some colours, pen and handmade paper/ baby t-shirts. The guests need to pick up a letter (put scrabble to some use here) and draw a picture in accordance to the letter, which you can later bind for your kid. You can also ask the guests to indulge in painting cute motifs on baby T-shirts which again can be used later. The invitation card can be sweet self penned ‘you are invited’.

Star Themed Invite:
For a couple that is expecting a kid, there is no bigger joy. A great party invite could be around a, star theme, where the invitation card can say ‘We are expecting a star’. The decor and food for the party can be in accordance to the theme.

We suggest that you send out the invites well in advance, to avoid last minute chaos. With all the ideas in place we are sure you can create a perfect day for the ‘mom-to-be’!

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