Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Check out our unique and creative gifting ideas for a baby shower: for boys, girls…

Baby shower is a ritual that is observed in major parts of the world. It is an occasion when the expectant mother is showered with gifts and well wishes. Baby shower gifts should be bought evaluating what the mother might need. As soon as the baby is born, a mother needs a host of essential things. So, while buying baby shower gifts you need to keep in mind the necessary items that an expectant mother might need.

Make sure the product that you get for the baby is from a reputed brand as babies are very sensitive. You cannot gift anything and everything that catches your eyes. Several factor needs to be considered while choosing a gift for a baby on the occasion of baby shower.
We have provided below a list of gift items which will help you in choosing the perfect baby shower gifts.

Baby Shower Gifts Ideas:

While buying gift for the occasion of baby shower you need to keep several factors in mind. First, the utility of the gift, second the brand. Baby gift should be something that will prove to be useful to the mother as soon as the baby is born. But, it should be bought from a reputed brand. Following are some gift ideas for baby shower:

Baby Rocker :

Gift for Baby
Baby Rocker

Gifting a baby rocker on the occasion of baby shower is also a good idea. A small baby rocker will keep the baby entertained for hours end, giving frequent break to the mother. A baby rocker is available in various designs and colors. Choose a baby rocker that ensures 100% safety.

Baby Mattress :

Baby Mattress Gift Ideas
Baby Mattress

The first essential thing that a mother will need as soon as the baby is born is a mattress. Baby mattresses are available in large variety and designs. Make sure it is soft and made of fleece and satin.

Baby Blanket :

Baby Blanket Gift Ideas
Baby Blanket

Another essential thing is a blanket. Baby blankets too are available in large variety and in different material. A new born baby explores the world through the sense of touch and hence, a soft and warm blanket is a preferable choice.

Baby Woolen Clothes :

Baby Woolen Clothes Gift Ideas
Baby Woolen Clothes

Woolen clothes are also great baby shower gift ideas. You can get a set of woolen clothes for the baby. The set usually comprises of sweater, socks, bib, cap etc. You can either get it from the market or can even knit it on your own.

Baby Carrier :

Baby Carrier Gift
Baby Carrier

Presenting a baby carrier on the eve of baby shower is also a good idea. They are available in fashionable variety. An apt gift for a newborn baby, it is not only essential but, also useful.

Baby Towel :

Baby Towel Gift
Baby Towel

You can also gift a printed baby towel; another essential thing that the mother will be in dire need as soon as the baby is born. A baby towel comes in beautiful designs and colors.

Baby Bath Kit :

Baby Bath Kit Gift
Baby Bath Kit

You can get a baby bath kit. They come in various size and package and are also available at a reasonable rate. Johnson baby products are the best. This set comes with baby soap, baby shampoo, baby powder, baby oil etc. There are other reputed brands as well that sells baby products. They can be availed at a reasonable rate and comes at various packet sizes.

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