Australia Day

The Australia Day is celebrated on 26th of January every year. Australian of the Year Awards are given out to notable Australians in different domains on this day.

Australia Day

January 26 is the national day of Australia. On this day Australians celebrate the first arrival of settlers to the country. In 1788 a fleet of 11 ships carrying the first generation settlers arrived at Sydney Cove in Australia. The captain of the ship Arthur Phillip named the region where they landed and its surroundings Sydney after the name of the then British Home Secretary Lord Sydney.

This was done as it was Sydney’s idea to establish this new colony in the new and unexplored continent. The Australia Day was first celebrated as the Foundation Day. The first official celebration of the event took place in 1818 with the establishment of the new state of New South Wales.

Today the Australia Day is a national holiday in every state of the country. The celebration of the day begins with public addresses from the Governor-General and the Prime Minister. The Australian of the Year award and the Order of Australia lists are announced on the eve of the celebration.

The Invasion Day

Australia Day however isn’t an event of celebration for all. Some of the indigenous tribes of the country observe this day as Invasion Day. They consider the British settlers as foreigners and look at the entire episode as an invasion of their land. Demonstration and protests take place in many venues across the country on this day.

In 1988 the aborigines of the country demonstrated against the establishment on issues like recognition, basic needs, rights over land etc. Since then Invasion Day protests have been taking place almost regularly.

Attractions of Australia Day

Community festivals, fairs, sports events, community barbeques, live music concerts, boat races, and firework shows are some of the attractions of the Australia Day. The National Australia Day Council is responsible for organizing the celebrations.

The Big Day Out, the Triple J Hottest 100, and the Australia Day Live Concert are some of the music concerts on the Australia Day that get telecast nationwide. Organizing international cricket matches in Adelaide Oval is also a part of the commemoration. Swimming competitions and boat races are organized in Sydney harbor.

Send Australia Day cards to your friends and relatives.

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