Are You Made For Each Other

Love test
How To Identify Whether You Are Lost In Love Or Not

Take this quiz and see if you’ve found your true love.

One of the most perilous questions bothering us in this modern, technology driven world is if our partner truly loves us or not. Whether we have actually found our soul mate and are made for each other or it’s just another fling of some romance which will get nipped in the bud sooner than later. Dgreetings has made a short attempt in the form of a quiz wherein your answers to the mentioned questions can reveal the reality of your relationship at the outset. So, spare some time out and know if your relationship will survive the test of times or not.

Q. 1) When you first saw him/her.

a) You got excited for a while and then moved on.

b) You couldn’t get your eyes off as long as he/she stayed there.

c) You didn’t bother to hold your glance because it felt like a routine.

Q. 2) If you crave for a hot dark chocolate fudge in the late hours of night, your partner..

a) Somehow manages to get it delivered for you at home.

b) Gets out of bed immediately and run searching for it.

c) Wish you goodnight and requests you to go back to sleep.

Q. 3) Your parents come to see you, and your partner…

a) Does the minimum needful.

b) Takes a day off from work to spend good quality time.

c) Finds a reason to stay out as long as possible, asks you to take care of them and promises you to be home soon but doesn’t turn up in time

Q. 4) When you talk about shopping for an important wedding or a party up ahead, you partner…

a) Agrees for it but don’t go along with you.

b) Also looks forward for it and gets as excited as you are.

c) Finds it boring, unnecessary and also stops you from spending money on it.

Q. 5) You have some urgent official work up ahead and your partner..

a) Neither bothers you nor helps you in anyway.

b) Puts his work on hold and offers for any possible help.

c) Doesn’t help you and on the top of that, forces you to help him/her in his/her work

Q. 6) You have planned a ‘friends only’ vacation. When you tell your partner, he/she

a) Gets upset and unwillingly agrees for it.

b) Feels happy for you and helps you in packing.

c) Don’t want you to go at all and fights over it.

Q. 7) when you are out for a date, your partner

a) Manages to sneak out some time for business or other calls.

b) Switches off his mobile and is just with you.

c) Pompously shows how busy he is by being on the phone for the maximum time on the date.

Q. 8) A precious item got broken or stolen and you were really upset about it. Your partner…

a) Got angry but avoided an argument.

b) Hugged you and requested you to stop feeling upset about it as nothing is more precious than you.

c) Got really mad at you.

Q. 9) You are not talking to your partner for some reason and he/she..

a) Simply waits for you to discuss at your own wish.

b) Doesn’t leave you unless and until you clear your heart out and speak to him.

c) Doesn’t seem to bother.

Q 10) What your partner’s birthday means to you?

a) A day to be celebrated if and when free from work.

b) The most special day of the year and you’ll go to any length to make it the most memorable day for him/her.

C) You haven’t thought about it much.


Maximum As:
You are into a mediocre relationship whose fate in the long run appears to be very dicey. A short term romance is on the cards but long term commitment and a ‘soul mate’ thing simply seems to be lacking. However, an open discussion with our partner and clarifying him/her of your expectations from the relationship might do some magic.

Maximum Bs:
OMG. Another Titanic is in the making. Your relationship will survive all the storms and the love will blossom forever. ‘Soul Mates’ is the word for you both. There’s no ambiguity in saying that there’s a divine intervention of the Lord Almighty in bringing you both together. You truly are made for each other.

Maximum Cs:
Expecting a long term relationship would be the most foolish thing for you. You both have somehow managed to hook on to each other but haven’t given your relationship a serious thought, ever. Those around you if say that it will work out, they are probably telling you the biggest lie of their life. Don’t wait much and get out of this relationship in a healthy manner. Denying the reality for long will only make you suffer a lot later.

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