April Fools’ Day- License for Tricks and Fun

Yippee! It’s April Fools’ Day.

Time to get naughty and mischievous. Be a trickster and play pranks on others with your witty plots. Crack rib-tickling jokes and make all LOL. Pull others’ leg and puzzle them with riddles and brainteasers. Get in a monkey business and drive everyone crazy- everything is fair on April Fools’ Day. Bug everyone and share a dose of healthy laughter.

Popularly known as “All Fool’s Day” in many countries, the day has been observed for centuries. It received its name from the custom of playing practical jokes, tricks, hoaxes, gags, fools’ errand and side-splitting fun upon unsuspecting people. The victim of your prank is called an April Fool.

Bluff your friends and let all hell break lose. Dupe all, as you try your hands on all-time perfect hoaxes. We have April Fools’ Day Pranks galore:

- Get really nasty, if your victim blow-dries their hairs, take talcum powder or substance like flour, makeup, colors or foam and put it in the front end of the blow drier. Clean the blow drier nicely so it looks spotless. When your victim uses the blow drier, the powder will shoot out on their face. Make sure you click the pictures of this embarrassing moment.

-Collect aluminum cans and start layering it on your victim’s door. To keep cans in place, tape it to the doorframe. And when victim opens the door, due to suction all the cans will crash down on them.

- Have a cracking April Fools’ Day! Take those firecrackers with the string on each end that explodes when you pull the string. Fasten the bunch of these firecrackers to your target’s door with the duct tape. When they open the door, it will set off the chain reaction. Boom of crackers will be embarrassing for them.

- Take cardboard and place it over the prankee doorframe. Tape the cardboard and put a giant bag of popcorn kernel over it. Fill it with popcorns and as prankee opens the door, they will be greeted by flood of popcorns!

This April 1, get Jiggy on the party floor and have a raucous time. Slip into a Shaggy Dog Story and brim the day with hilarious gags and jokes for whole lotta fun. Send your friends, family and acquaintances, funny and witty April Fools’ Day cards. Upload their day ‘fool’ of fun and make them roll all over with laughter. Share a slice of smile and amuse them witty and smart cards.

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