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April are also meant to become leaders. They are very charismatic,very creative, sexy, and intelligent and extremely ambitious. They are also smart,impulsive bossy, stubborn, which makes them to always get what they want. You are a born leader other people admire them and want to be around them.

Their caring and generous nature makes them one of the best friends and lovers. They are brave and fearless when it comes to overcoming the obstacles in their life. You have a good working memory and motivate themselves and others. They are excellent problem-solvers, and people often ask them for advice.

Aries is the zodiac signs for the month of April April Famous Birthdays. Taurus- the bull is a very powerful zodiac sign and are known to be extremely determined. Patience is a positive trait of people belonging to the zodiac sign Taurus but at times they are hard to handle. If you have ever shared your matters with a Taurus person, then better leave your inhibitions that your matters might reach someone else, as they are very trustworthy people Determination of this zodiac sign makes people climb the tower of success and perform their best in everything they do.There are many well-known personalities born during the month of April who have created landmarks in history and thereby people remember them.

Even your favorite personalities can be April born, so come let’s go through the profiles of some eminent personalities born during the month of April.

Ravi Shankar April 7
Ravi Shankar is a well-known Indian musician best known for playing sitar. He was born on April 7, 1920 and has done a lot for Indian music. He has also helped to spread Indian music by bringing it to west. Ravi Shankar has been known for his work and according to George Harrison “Ravi Shankar is the Godfather of World Music”.

Leonardo da Vinci April 15
Leonardo and his work is not restricted to a single field rather he was a scientist, painter, musician, writer, mathematician and a professional who worked in other fields as well.
Leonardo is best known for his paintings and Mona Lisa and The Last Supper are the two famous and appreciated works of Leonardo. This great personality was born on April 15, 1452.

Charlie Chaplin April 16
When the word comedy comes across Charlie Chaplin is often remembered, as he was a well-known English comedian who was born on April 16, 1889. He is known to be one of the most eminent performers of the mid Hollywood age. Works of Chaplin are worth mentioning because he has worked as actor, scriptwriter, and producer in silent films.

William Shakespeare April 26
William Shakespeare, famous and widely accepted English poet, writer and a dramatist was born on April 26, 1564. The major works of Shakespeare include a large number of poems, plays and sonnets. Shakespeare is also known as the Bard of Avon and he composed some outstanding literaturet that one must go through.

Famous People’s Birthdays in April
April 1, 1815- Otto von Bismarck, German chancellor, statesman

April 1, 1928- Jane Powell, actress/singer

April 2, 1834- Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, sculpted the Statue of Liberty

April 2, 1908- Buddy Ebsen, actor

April 2, 1914- Sir Alec Guinness, actor

April 3, 1924- Marlon Brando, actor

April 3, 1924- Doris Day, American actress, singer

April 4, 1946 -Craig T. Nelson, actor

April 4, 1965- Robert Downey Jr., actor

April 5, 1900 -Spencer Tracy, actor

April 5, 1908- Bette Davis, actress

April 6, 1976- Candace Cameron, actress

April 7, 742 – Charlemagne, King of the Franks

April 12, 1979- Claire Danes, actress

April 13, 1743 – Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U. S. President (1801-1809)

April 14, 1977- Sarah Michelle Gellar, actress, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

April 15, 1452- Leonardo da Vinci, artist, sculptor, inventor

April 16, 1955- Ellen Barkin, actress

April 17, 1918- William Holden, actor

April 23, 1961- George Lopez, actor and comedian

April 24, 1766 – Robert Bailey Thomas, founder & editor of “The Farmer’s Almanac”

April 27, 1937- Sandy Dennis, actress

April 27, 1959- Sheena Easton, singer

April 28, 1758 – James Monroe, 5th U.S. President (1817-1825)

April 28, 1878- Lionel Barrymore, actor

April 29, 1970-Uma Thurman, actress

April 30, 1933- Willie Nelson, country singer

April 30, 1938- Gary Collins, actor


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