Anniversary Poem For Husband

Show your husband how much you appreciate his commitment to you, browse our collection of Popular Anniversary Poems for your dear husband.

Anniversary Love Poems
Anniversary Poem For Husband

I can’t believe I’ve been so blessed
With a husband such as you;
To stand by me and hold my hand
To help me make it through.

It hasn’t always been good times.
We’ve had our share of teras
We’ve faced obstacles together
And overcame our fears.

In good times we have laughed so much
And shared such awesome days.
No one knows me like you do.
We grow closer every day.

I know that you were made for me.
Our life I so adore.
I hope you know deep in my heart
I could not love you more.

Our anniversary
Every year, our anniversary
Becomes more and more special
With every passing moment
I find you more adorable
Every year seems to bring
More and more happiness
Every year we seem to make
Memories that are priceless
Every year I thank my fate
For giving you as my hubby
Every year makes me realize
How lucky I am to be your wifey
Happy anniversary

Romantic Anniversary Poems
Anniversary wishes poems for husband

Even after so many fights
So many sleepless nights
Even after so much stress
After going through so much mess
We both have ploughed through
For which credit goes out to you
Let’s forget everything and start again
Let’s wade out of this emotional pain
This is a promise that we make
To each other on this very day
I want to thank destiny for sending
A life partner like you, my way
Happy anniversary

You have always been the star of my dreams
You have always been the star of my dreams
For better or worse, through thick and thin,
You’ve been there by my side Sharing the laughter and the tears
Through life’s uncertain ride. We don’t know what the future
Has in store for you and me
But this I know, without a doubt: The best is yet to be.
Happy Anniversary, you darling man.

Every night
Every night as I lay on my bed,
Your thoughts begin to fill my head.
When I fall asleep, in my dreams
It is your pretty face that I see.
With you, my Angel, life feels so right.
Your smile fills my heart with delight.
It makes me feel happy that I am alive
to always enjoy life by your side.
Happy Anniversary!

Day by day
Day by day, you’ve become hotter it seems
A magnet that pulls me closer, is you
Not just attraction, it is love so true
Here’s a toast to our beautiful bond
Let’s be immersed in its blissful pond
Like old times, let’s just cuddle
Let’s get lost, in love’s dreamy bubble

Husbands like you
Husbands like you
These days are quite few
Handsome and witty
Strong and nifty
Caring and protective
Giving me life’s beautiful perspective
I wish you a Happy Anniversary
Cheers to the perfect pair, you and me.

Once upon a time
Once upon a time
I became yours
and you became mine.
We will be together
until the end of time.
Happy Anniversary!

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