Anniversary Party Games

Games are popular means of entertainment. Look out for some interesting game ideas for  wedding Anniversary party.

Make your anniversary a real rocking occasion and this can be possible if you organize some games on your anniversary party. Let every person in your anniversary party go down their childhood days by participating in the games you have organized. Kids would surely love your anniversary party and enjoy the games. Let your anniversary party be a change for all the young and adult people and this can be possible if you organize some exciting games.Let each and everyone in your anniversary party participate in the games and enjoy your anniversary to the best.

Try to organize different type of games so that it creates a wonderful atmosphere that each and every person loves to attend.
Some of the games ideas that will rock your anniversary party are given below:

Detect Your Partner

Anniversary Party Games
Detect Your Partner

This is a real exciting game that will allow all the couples to participate in it. Divide all the males and females into two different teams. Now at every turn tie a cloth on the person’s eyes and let him or her find their spouse. This kind of a game will create excitement among people and they will surely it remember your party.

Musical Chair
This is a very famous game and all your guests will surely admire this game. Count the number of participants and arrange the number of chairs according.

Play the music and let all the participants move around it. As soon as the music stops all of them will run to find a chair and the one who does not find a chair will be out of the game. Continue this game till a single chair and two participants remain so that a final winner is decided for the game.

Dance Competition

Anniversary Party Games Ideas
Dance Competition

Give chance to every couple and each and every person in your party to perform a dance. Let the couples go for a ball dance and kids can go for any dance they like. Let one of you be a judge who will decide for the winner of the game.

Chinese Whisper
This is a real interesting game that will let everyone enjoy. A person will say something in another person’s ear and the statement will be passed to all the participants in the same way. When the statement will reach to the last person then he or she will be asked to recite the statement loudly. This statement must match with the initial statement that was made in the starting. If the statement made in the end is not correct then each and every person is asked to recite it as this helps to detect the person who made mistake in between.

There can be several other games that you can organize on your anniversary party. Let all the guests participate in these games and remember your anniversary party for the years ahead.

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