Anniversary Invitation Wordings

Words which makes your near & dear ones feel special, An invitation which makes yours friends share your special day with you and make it more special. These invites carry the feel of lovable bond.


1.We’d like to share with you the joy and excitement of our wedding anniversary.
To celebrate this special moment, we invite you to join us for food, music, and celebrations.

2.Come and join us as we celebrate 15 years of our love, marriage, and bonding with food, wine, and dancing.
3. We request the pleasure of your company at our wedding anniversary party. Please come and grace this occasion as we celebrate 20 years of our marriage and bonding. -
4.You’re invited to add cheer to our 25th wedding anniversary celebration, with your lovely presence at a dinner party that you’ll remember for years to come!
5.Please join us as we celebrate 50 golden years of our marriage over a dinner party. Your presence and participation will bring us immense joy and make our celebration extra-special.

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