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A wide variety of gift basket ideas and things to put in a gift basket to make a affordable and easy gift. These easy gift baskets make simple gifts.

Finding a unique gift for someone for a special occasion can be very difficult especially when one is on a tight budget. However, on some thoughtful consideration you can easily think of some cheap yet thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Creating a gift basket is a great idea. They are great gift options that can be gifted on any special occasion. You can either purchase them from the market place or can even make it at home. Making gift basket at home will not only turn out be cheaper but, it will also put emphasis on the effort, love and consideration that you have entrusted into its making. Gift baskets are becoming very popular today. At the market place you can avail them at a price that will be affordable for you.
Cheap basket ideas are many. Choose the one that best suits your budget or that which is convenient for you to make.

Following are some unique gift basket ideas for you: You can either make them at home or can get it from the market place. You will be able to purchase them at an affordable rate and if you make these baskets at home you can do so easily without any hassle.
Stationary and Candle Basket:

Cheap Basket Ideas

This can be easily be made at home. It will not only be cheaper for you but, you can personalize it with your own unique ideas. In a large basket place some useful stationary items like envelope, pen, pencil, writing pad, diary and include some nice flowers for a magical touch. In the front portion of the basket, line up a number of colorful and scented candles to enhance the look of your gift basket.

Coffee and Sweets Basket:

Sweets Basket
Coffee and Sweets Basket

You can also incorporate coffee and sweets in your basket and decorate it with some beautiful flowers for an additional enhancement of your gift basket.
Spa and Perfume Basket:

Spa basket
Spa and Perfume Basket

Another great idea is to incorporate some inexpensive beauty products like manicure and pedicure kits, bath sponges, moisturizer, lotion, soaps, perfume etc in a basket. Augment the look of your basket by, adding small hand towel, scented candles, and flowers and decorate the handle of the basket with ribbons.

Tea and Snack Basket:
Tea and snack basket is also a great gift basket idea. Include small packets of all the ingredients that are needed to make tea. Include snack items like cookies, nuts, chocolate chips etc and decorate the basket with beautiful ornaments, flowers and matching ribbons.

Cookies Basket:

Cookies Basket

Another good idea is to include a number of cookies preferable that which is most favored by the person to whom you are gifting this basket. You can add gourmet chocolate, truffles and other similar items of your choice. Decorate the basket to give it an elegant touch.

Breakfast Basket:

Cheap Basket Ideas
Breakfast Basket

You can include bacon, ham, sausages, pancake, fruit cake, biscuits, juice bottle, jam/jelly, honey etc. This basket can be easily made at home. You can include additional items of your choice apart from the items mentioned above.

Fruit Basket:

Fruit Basket

A basket full of different fruits is also a great idea. Your gift basket will look colorful. Make sure you decorate the basket with ribbons, small ornaments so that it not only looks tempting but, also attractive.

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