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Thanksgiving Day is a day of celebration and festivity

About Thanksgiving Day – Know more information about Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving meaning and what is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day is a day of celebration and festivity. It is the time for social gathering in order to thank god for whatever He has given us all through the year. Thanksgiving Day is to feast together on the grand dinner organized by the host family. It is special day of communal thanksgiving and feeling gratitude towards God.

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day consists of four-day holiday where the relative Thursday, Friday and Saturday is national holiday. Celebrated with lots of fervor and merrymaking, this time of the year is also known as Harvest Festival Day. Thanksgiving Day is also a day to pay tribute to native Indians as they taught the pilgrims the way of cooking.

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Thanksgiving Day is for celebrating traditional autumn harvest. Turkeys, pumpkin pie, corns, berries and cranberry sauce are the traditional dishes expected by the guests on Thanksgiving Day. It is the time for eating, drinking and amusement.

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Thanksgiving Day is also the perfect for gifting your loved ones. You can show your deep love and concern for your elders, kids, friends and colleagues. Popular gift items can be flowers, jewelries, cookies, pies, candies, chocolates and hard-liquor. And the following Friday is also a great time for shopping. People spend maximum amount of money on shopping for themselves and friends and kids. On the whole Thanksgiving Day is for festivity and a day of holiday.


Amazing Thanksgiving Facts

Amazing Thanksgiving Facts
Thanksgiving Facts
  • Thanksgiving Facts revolves around the questions like the reason for celebrating Thanksgiving, the observances of Thanksgiving and the date of Thanksgiving. God has given us so many things but we never get time to thank Him. Hence, Thanksgiving is one of the ways to show your gratefulness to God.
  • It is, however, revealed that when pilgrims had moved to Plymouth Rock on December 11 th , 1620 their first winter was terrible and horrible and they lost many of their group people. Yet, their first harvest was bountiful and plenty so much so that they could save for the hard winter season. Thus, they decided to celebrate the harvest with the Indians, who taught them cooking and hence, they held a feast to thank God for giving them enough food which is very necessary for survival.
  • Thanksgiving Fact also include the different festival observations that take place on the Autumn harvest Festival. People assemble and hang around together mingling with each other, enjoying each other’s company, eat and drink together for added jollification. Traditional Meal is also one of the Thanksgiving Facts. Pilgrims served turkeys on their first thanksgiving table and hence, turkey became the traditional dish for everyone and till present date it is prepared with much enthusiasm and care.
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade held in New York City is yet another one of Thanksgiving Facts. No one can deny the Thanksgiving Football on this special day. And the most extravagant shopping on the following Friday is also one of the Thanksgiving Facts. People shop like madmen and gift their loved ones also.Thanksgiving Day has been proclaimed as the national holiday by president Lincoln who also declared fourth Thursday in November to be the Thanksgiving Day for all.

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