About Jesus Christ

About Jesus Christ

You may have heard about Jesus Christ,. But most people do not know what Jesus was like as a person

    • Also known as ‘Jesus of Nazareth’, Jesus Christ is the most significant figure in Christianity. Largely hailed as a Savior or a Messiah, Christ is the undisputed Son of God. The Four Gospels of the New Testament namely Matthew, Mark, Luke And John are the main source for almost all the known information about the Christ and his life and his profound teaching which influenced mankind like none before ever had.

    • According to the reputed scholars of biblical study, they commonly acknowledge that Jesus was from Galilee and was a Jewish teacher. John the Baptist was known to have baptized Jesus. Jesus Christ was also a healer and there are many tales about how he healed the sick and the needy. The Roman Empire and Governor Pontius Pilate accused Jesus for sedition and had him crucified.
Jesus Christ - All About His Life
Jesus Christ was also a healer and there are many tales about how he healed the sick and the needy.


    • Most Christians believe that Jesus was either the Son of God or an incarnate of God and he provided enlightenment and salvation to human beings by suffering for their sins. According to the Gospels, Jesus was buried in a tomb after he was unjustly crucified by Pontius Pilate, and on the third day of his death, he resurrected and ascended to his father, God in the heavens up above. And that is where he will remain till the Second coming of Christ.
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Jesus Christ


    • The Gospels of Matthew and Luke are considered the most detailed and most eloquent about the life and time of Jesus. Several details of Jesus’ life are not clear including the date and year when he was born. Even though we celebrate Christmas or Christ’s birthday on the 25th of December, the biblical historians are still debating about the details. Just as there’s considerable debate about when Jesus was born, scholars cannot seem to agree upon when he died. If we are to go by the Gospel of John then Jesus was crucified just before Passover on Friday the 14th, but many scholars seem to think it was some time in April.
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    • However, we do know that Jesus was born in Bethlehem as is also confirmed by the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. His mother Mary was a virgin and Jesus was immaculately conceived through a blessing by the Holy Spirit. The Gospel of Luke tells us how the Angel Gabriel paid a visit to Mother Mary to tell her that she was going to bear the Son of God. His father Joseph and his mother Mary traveled to Bethlehem and were forced to use a manger upon his birth instead of a crib for they could not find any room in the town’s inn. Shortly thereafter the three wise men visited Christ bearing gifts ‘worthy of God’. They found him by following the Star of Bethlehem.
Jesus Christ, The Son of God
Jesus of Nazareth

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