A Review on Blue Valentine

Love, romance and with it accompanies its problems, shown beautifully and realistically in Blue Valentine. The movie is directed by Derek Cianfrance. Away from the lovey-dovey romantic movie concept and bit too close to reality, this movie is made for real people with similar fate in love. Watching Blue Valentine, you will neither feel romantic nor imagine a dream sequence. Instead, you will feel the pain, agony and harshness that come free when marriage is on rocks.

A review on Blue Valentine:

Brilliantly made film made by Derek Cianfrance that brings out the emotions of one time lovers, who try hard to improve their relationship. Played by Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, the movie is a story of the real struggle of lost love and companionship between the married couple. The plot swings back and forth between the good times in the past and the sour present. In hope to mend the loosened strings of their relation, the two rent a room in the hotel and try to reconnect with their intimacy, only failing to do so too.

Right from the hotel suite to the changing features and look of the actors, special care has been taken to add to the agony of the characters. An attempt to have a fresh start with estranged wife goes wrong. The movie gives you no chance to sympathize or get angry on any one character and the shift is phenomenal.

Blue Valentine performances:

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling play the characters of Cindy and Dean. They are the married couple who have lost their once found love and are struggling to get it back. Performances by Gosling and Williams are just like real life people in a failed relationship. They bring out the emotions and struggles of the characters to life with their splendid performances. A must watch and a great experience is what you will get watching the movie Blue Valentine.

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