65th Birthday Messages

65th Birthday Cards
I still don’t believe that you have turned 65.

Happy 65th Birthday. A collection of the sweetest and most extraordinary 65th happy birthday messages, inspirational 65th birthday wishes.

May each day be filled with
the warmth of God’s love
and the soothing comfort
of family and friends.
May each day bring forth
a sweet memory of the past
as well as the opportunity to make
an even more precious memory for tomorrow.
May everything beautiful be yours
on this special day.

I’m not 65,
I’m 18
with 47 years Experience.

On your 65th Birthday!
Today you’re 65
It’s the perfect time to say
You’s a very special person
and you deserve a special day.

65 Comes with
New Skills..
You can laugh,
Cough, sneeze and Pee,
All at the same time!

You’re at an age
when your back goes out more than you do.
Happy 65th Birthday!


Happy Birthday cards
May each day be filled with the warmth of God’s love

It’s your birthday!
It’s just not your birthday.
It’s a celebration of someone
who is loved and greatly admired.
Happy 65th Birthday!

As you ring in your 65th year,
do not worry about getting old.
You’re as graceful as ever,
and a real treasure to hold.

A heartfelt Birthday message,
And a chance to sing three cheers,
To you and SIXTY- FIVE fantastic,
Memorable years!
A Birthday that’s a stepping stone to
A future full of leisure,
that brings with it,
great times of joy..
To live, to share, to treasure!
Special Wishes

Age is just a matter of number
And the grace will never leave
You are turning 65 today
So its a super happy day
Day by day that you are getting young
And that spirit of getting super strong
Hey you are the same as you were in 64
So I wish that you have an amazing time
Happy birthday to you..
Stay healthy and happy too!

Warm Birthday Wishes
I’m not 65, I’m 18

So many years have passed by
But your spirit is still the same
The grace on your face and
all the things you do
When your heart is so young you feel the same
It’s just the matter of age game
When you feel young you should not stress
As there is joy in the heart and no distress
Happy 65th Birthday to you!

I still don’t believe that you have turned sixty five
Hey you don’t look the same
As you look younger by the day
And you are still sexy all the way
So forget your age and party hard
As its the start of the graceful years for you
Wishing a Happy 65th Birthday to you!

Wow! You look younger by each day
May God keeps all your problems at bay..
65th Happy Birthday

Enjoy a Happy 65th Birthday
It’s a perfect reason to celebrate in style.
Hope it’s filled with everything you must enjoy..

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