50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Surprise your spouse with unique golden anniversary gifts. Find traditional & modern 50th wedding anniversary gifts at Dgreetings.com.

The Golden Anniversary is indeed an important milestone which symbolises 50 years of togetherness, 50 years of faith and love, and a lifetime towards the promise of “Till death do us apart”. So it is only right that the gift has to be special and a class apart. A gift that will reflect the preciousness of the relationship. So here are a few ideas for that perfect gift.
Ideas for the Couple
Flowers speak a language of their own. So present a bouquet of 50+1 flowers. Keep the collection of flowers exotic by including orchids or Lily of the Valley.

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Time is the most precious gift that you can give your loved one. So plan a getaway. Choose an exotic location that both of you have wanted to visit or revisit. Go overboard in the arrangements with the best hotel and a honeymoon suit. Splurge. After all you only live once.

Plan a getaway
Plan a trip

Diamonds a gift for someone you love. Diamonds will speak of grace and elegance in your relationship. So go ahead and gift the love of your life with a whopping diamond.

Diamonds  Necklace
Diamond Gift Set

Ideas for Children to Gift Parents

  • A Golden Anniversary is indeed a very special occasion. So why not have a wedding again for your parents where they refresh their vows to each other. Organise a grand affair. Marry you parents again. Invite all friends and relatives and if possible include the people on the original guest list. Do not forget a professional photographer.
  • If you are far away to organise a more personal celebration, do not fret. Your parents have each other, and you can book a few days at a resort for them to go on a honeymoon.
  • You can buy them the best available champagne, complete with a crystal champagne bucket and crystal champagne glasses.
Gift Ideas

Ideas for Friends

  • Crystal speaks the language of elegance. So gift your friends celebrating their Golden Anniversary with a crystal accessory like photo frames or champagne glasses.
  • Porcelain plates or clocks engraved with their names are also in vogue.
  • Golden Anniversary postage stamp with a gold foil is also a very good gift.

Cheers to 50 years of togetherness. Here is to wishing you many more to come.



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