5 ways to celebrate :International Women’s Day


Take the day off.

In some countries like ArmeniaMongolia and Kazakhstan workers get the day off to celebrate this day. In China, only women get the day off.

Gift  flowers to women.

Flowers are a symbol of International Women’s Day, and Many countries celebrate International Women’s Day by gifting flowers  to women in their lives, even to their colleagues and bosses.

Donate money to women’s causes.

On International Women’s day,donate generously for women’s cause, and thus help a needy woman or get involved with an organization that supports needy women

Send cards /greetings to the ladies in your life—whether it’s your mom,sister,  best friend, or your colleague reach out to, by sending them cards with a beautiful meaningful message.Who doesn’t love getting an unexpected card in the mail?

Get together with some of your nearest and dearest-Invite your favorite women together at a café or an eating joint, and ask each of them to bring a friend—it’s a great way to expand your network and social circle, and meet some interesting new women.

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