5 Not to do things while kissing

There are some things that you should avoid doing or saying when engaged in this intimate moment. Just, keep in mind ‘Not to Do Things’ while kissing.

  • The right time to use your tongue
    Use your tongue not in the first ever kiss.. The right time to use it while kissing is…after a few kisses, a few minutes or a few days. Forcing it too early or being aggressive with your tongue, is not a good idea. Small kiss on the hand or the cheek. If the other person seems interested, it’s ok with a kiss on the mouth. Stay light at first. Avoid smashing your lips against your date’s mouth. Kissing softly and gently gives the other person the chance to stop if it’s uncomfortable.
  • Avoid Giggling while kissing
    Don’t giggle while you are engaged in this intimate act. If you’re nervous, try to laugh it off. Giggling, would make him think that you’re making fun of his/her kissing and can lose interest in the act. It can also make your partner feel inferior.
  • Kissing with bad breath
    Practice good oral hygiene before kissing. It’s true that kissing someone who has eaten onions or garlic can be pungent – so watch out for kisses after eating meals. Keep your breath fresh with mints or spray. Avoid gum, which you might have to spit out awkwardly if you are going in for a kiss.


  • Kissing with braces is definitely possible
    Clashing or locking braces or cutting your partner, happens if you or your partner both have braces. Kiss gently when you have braces and take special care not to link your braces onto theirs. Having braces shouldn’t keep you from being a great kisser.
  • Wearing lipstick before kissing is not the most attractive thing
    Lipstick will certainly make your lips look more attractive, but as it ends up leaving marks all over your man when you do kiss him as well as getting smudged all over your mouth…So wearing lipstick before kissing is bad choice.Even if you do make some of the above listed mistakes in the heat of the moment, none of them are incorrigible. Remember, kissing is a big part of becoming close to someone, but it is certainly not. If you do happen to have a bad experience, try giving it another shot. Find ways to tempt and surely, your honey will be craving for another kiss soon.

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