5 Gifts not to Give her on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It is the day when you must express your love and affection to your loved-one. What better way is there to communicate your feelings than packaging and wrapping them up in an attractive way as a token of love or gift that will be cherished forever.

Gift-buying could be a tricky, complicated business. A well thought of present will be relished and appreciated forever; whereas the opposite could undo a relationship !

Here are top 5 gifts that you should never think of giving your lady love this Valentine’s Day

1. Gym Membership or Exercising Equipment

Everyone likes a gift that reflects concern and affection. Especially on Valentines Day, women expect something special and unique from their men, something that makes them feel truly loved and appreciated . Now People in general do want to remain fit.
Having said that, no one likes to be told so. Just avoid sending out any such love messages which may result in making them feel uncomfortable and cause self-image issues.

Gym Membership

2. Framed or Enlarged Picture of You

A picture of you two, from a memorable date may still be appreciated by your valentine. But a picture of ONLY you may seem like a creepy and narcissistic idea. So do what you may but do not gift a picture of yourself framed in a beautiful on Valentine’s Day. Remember this day is about the two of you and not just you!

Framed or Enlarged Picture

3. Cleaning Supplies

Keep in mind the fact that you are presenting your lady with a gift on Valentines … so even if she happens to be a scrupulously clean home maker and is a hygiene freak, you cannot take the liberty to get her a household cleaning supplies hamper on this occasion! She happens to be your romantic other half not your cleaning maid!

Cleaning Supplies

4. Tickets to Sporting Events

You may love Cricket or Super Bowl but if you think spending Valentine’s Night at a packed noisy stadium is a super idea – you are completely mistaken. Your girlfriend may enjoy watching sport with you on TV at times but this doesn’t mean she would like the idea of celebrating Valentines with you surrounded by hundreds of screaming soccer fans.

Tickets to Sporting Events

5. Cosmetics

Now let’s face it – men are completely hopeless when it comes to make-up. You have absolutely no idea about the shades and brands of lipstick and what would suit your woman’s complexion. Instead of spending a bomb on a dozen lipsticks, eye pencils, lip-liners and eye shadow and foundation packs which will be rejected 99.9%, get your girlfriend a spa package if you must. Not only will she appreciate this far more, your hard earned money won’t go down
the drain!


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