5 Budget-friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas

If you are on a tight budget during this Christmas season, try spending less on shopping and decorations. This will help you save more and keep you away from debt. Here are some budget-friendly decorating ideas for Christmas.
Budget-friendly Ideas for Christmas Decoration

1. Use candles and natural elements: Place some colored candles in hurricane glasses kept on a table. Cover the space around the candleholders with berries, pinecones, and evergreen branches. To add a special touch to your decorations, place some artificial snow on a silver plate close to the glasses. Alternatively, you can place votives in crystal holders to create a striking effect.
2. Create a place for gift stuffing: Drill a hole about 1 inch down the top of a coffee can. Paint the can with the color of your choice. Decorate the can with glitters, paper snowflakes, small cutouts of Christmas tree, and other beads. Thread a ribbon through the hole of the can so that you can hang it on your mantel.
3. Use a canvas for holiday décor: Take a blank canvas and paint it with light blue color. Use a stencil to create snowflakes and stars which will set the mood for your celebrations.
4. Red cranberries can make a difference: Red cranberries can help you give a special effect to your decorations during Christmas. Just fill a tubular vase or a wine glass bottle with red cranberries and fresh greens. Add some twigs, flowers, and water for a dramatic effect.
An interesting idea for decorating your home with cranberries is to place them in candle trays. The multi-colored candles with the red color of cranberries are sure to add a festive touch and make your home look elegant and classy.
5. Decorate wooden baskets with accessories: Paint a wooden basket in green and cover its inner part with a colored piece of cloth, preferably red. It can make a great Christmas basket if you stuff it with things that are a symbol of this festival. A Christmas tree, figurines of angels, colorful Christmas bells, a photo of Santa Claus, a box of candies, chocolates, and goodies are the things that can make this item a perfect gift for Christmas.

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